Sees Monthly Parking Demand Grow 237%


Since the start of the financial year, Spacer has seen a 237% increase in searches for long-term parking each month, with demand outweighing supply by in excess of 300%. Particularly amongst commuters within cities such as San Francisco, Boston and Chicago, the number of booking requests are increasing 27% month on month.

The increasing demand for parking can be attributed to the significant decline in ridership. Recent opinion polls show that Americans are avoiding trains and buses in favor of private vehicles – not only due to safety concerns but because of the significant increases in wait times with public transport at reduced capacity. In April, it was reported that ridership was down as much as 92% in New York and remains 78-84% down comparatively to last year. Nationwide since August, ridership remains down by 58%.

Not only has demand for monthly parking increased, Spacer has also seen a growing interest in contactless solutions. To help operators reach this expanding market, Spacer has partnered with parking technology provider FlashParking and has a number of other PARCs integrations. Already a proven model in Australia and the #1 parking app in that market, now US commuters can download the Spacer app and use their mobile phone to access their reserved parking spot, eliminating the need for keycards, cash or pay machines.

Spacer CEO Mike Rosenbaum, strongly believes contactless booking technology will allow operators to further maximize the value of their parking lots significantly. “We are seeing a seismic shift in consumer preference & behaviour, with drivers preferring to discover, book and pay for their parking via their phones. Spacer would love to assist US parking owners and operators to increase the utilization and yield on their parking assets.”

If you are interested in learning more and partnering with Spacer, please reach out to us at [email protected] for more information. 

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