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How does Spacer work for Hosts?

  1. List your space

    You set the price, you set the rules

  2. Choose the renter

    You review the enquires, you choose who rents the space

  3. Monthly payments

    We collect the payments and transfer to your bank account

How it works for Hosts

Do you have unused space? You can list it for FREE on Spacer. We have hundreds of new renters looking for self storage & parking, so start earning extra cash today!

Why rent your spare space?

Make Passive Income

You can Earn $3,000 per year renting out your spare garage, front or back yard or spare bedroom.

You're in control

You set the price, the availability & access for your space. You can decide who to accept.

Free Listings

It’s free to list your space. Spacer collects a small fee to handle payments and marks up the price you set for your space.

Verified Members

All members on the platform are verified by Spacer, for your peace of mind.

Guaranteed Payments

Spacer collects payment from the renter and pays you each month. No awkward conversations with renters, no chasing payments.

Trust and Safety

You are protected under the Spacer Property and Goods Guarantee, for your peace of mind.

What types of spaces are people looking for?


Earn $150-$250 per month
Perfect for Cars, Boats, Caravans, Trailers


Earn $200-$350 per month
Perfect for Furniture, Cars, Boats, Caravans


Earn $150-$250 per month
Perfect for household furniture, boxes


Earn $150-$250 per month
Perfect for Boats, Caravans, Trailers

What do people want to store?