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With hundreds of parking spots across the United States, Spacer can help find the ideal monthly parking spot for you.

When searching for parking spots online, your quick search for monthly parking near me can turn into a few hours of phone calls as you try to negotiate with parking garages for the cheapest deal. But by searching on Spacer instead, you could end up saving precious time and up to hundreds of dollars each month, all while having your own private parking space.

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Rachel, Boston

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Circling around streets trying to find an empty parking spot is stressful, particularly when you have added anxiety of missing an appointment or being late for work. Perhaps you’ve even been tempted to walk, take public transport, or cycle to your destination, due to the difficulty in trying to find convenient and affordable parking. But what if there was always cheap monthly parking waiting for you, in your preferred location? Sounds too good to be true?

With Spacer, there’s no need to circle streets for an empty space, download 10 different parking apps, search your car for spare coins or make sure the meter is always topped up. All payments for a monthly parking spots are managed through the website. Simply search for monthly parking near me in the location you need, book the space which best suits your needs, and then enjoy stress-free parking in your reserved space. No need to worry about time limits, accidently parking in the no-parking zone, street cleaning notices or risk getting your vehicle towed.

There are thousands of monthly parking spots across the United States, and it’s available in all the major cities. Cheap and monthly parking near me don’t usually go together in Francisco or NYC, but you can save hundreds of dollars each month when renting a parking spot on Spacer. If you’re looking for monthly parking Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, or monthly parking Boston, you’ll find the cheapest parking rates in each city.

Just book your monthly parking, drive to your designated parking space, park your car, and then be on your way for a productive and stress-free day. You can also choose from month to month or long term parking options.

There are hundreds of affordable parking spots available in all the major cities across the U.S. Whether you’re looking for covered parking, a space in a parking garage or parking lots, or monthly parking permits for street parking; there is monthly parking available right near your preferred location.

You can choose parking for one month, or for the long term where you need it. Whether that’s close to your workplace, your home, or the airport, there is plenty of parking spots and car park spaces available for rent to suit your needs.

To find monthly parking options nearby to your home or workplace, just search the city where you need parking, and then choose from the closest place from the dropdown menu, such as downtown, or at an airport. Easily move the map to navigate the parking spaces available, as well as browsing other districts with nearby parking spots to rent.

Browse the parking spaces you are interested in, and check pictures, the address details, space type, access, size, and max height. You can also see the parking amenities available, and what’s nearby, as well as parking instructions.

Each monthly parking space has a map view, street view, and a minimum of three photos, so you view the place in advance before you decide to make a long term booking.

By setting a few simple filters, you’ll be able to perfectly narrow down the best monthly parking options for your needs. As well as setting the price point, you can also choose the parking space type you require, such as an indoor lot, garage or carport. There are also plenty of outside spaces like driveways. You can filter spaces by access type, for example key, remote, swipe card or passcode. If you also require amenities with the parking space, you can further refine your search by showing monthly parking with CCTV, 24/7 Access, Security Gates, a WC, and more.

If there is no suitable monthly parking garage near me space currently available, which suits your dates or search criteria, you can enter your email address to get notified as soon as a new space is added.

The monthly rate will be listed, as well as a bond amount (for a remote) if applicable. Then just choose your start date and submit a book now request. There is no charge until the host confirms the booking. If you want to cancel the booking, you’re required to give a one-month cancellation notice.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Spacer support team, and they'll get back to you ASAP to put your mind at ease. After the host accepts your booking, all you need to do is arrive at the parking space with your car, collect the key card or remote, park your car and then continue about your day with no delays or inconveniences.

Spacer makes renting monthly parking near me local, secure, and affordable. Take the pain out of parking!

Forget about having to contact each parking garage one by one, and try and negotiate a monthly deal with them, and kick back and relax with your own guaranteed parking space whenever you need it. The parking rates for a parking garage is also usually significantly higher than renting directly from a Spacer host. You can be sure you’re getting a great deal and the cheapest parking rates in your city. Often you can save up to hundreds of dollars each month and thousands of dollars a year while having closer and more convenient parking to your location.

Do you also have a parking space which you could rent out yourself? Think of all the drivers searching for ‘monthly parking near me’ who live and work locally to you and need a parking space for their vehicle. If you want to ask drivers to rent my driveway or rent my parking space long term, you can make some extra cash instead of leaving your space empty.

Stop driving around for hours trying to find a sufficient parking space for your needs and turn to Spacer for a stress-free, easy, and affordable monthly parking garage near me solution.

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