Parking in chicago

Parking in Chicago

Looking for long term parking in Chicago?

Parking in Chicago

Parking in the greater Chicago area can be rough. Recently launched in the Chicago area, Spacer is the go to website for leasing and renting long term parking space. We can help you with your semi truck parking as well. We understand your needs, and so we are working on rapidly expanding our parking options, specifically in the downtown areas. We currently have many parking listings in River North, Magnificent Mile and Lake View neighborhoods.

Parking space is a valuable commodity in Chicago, so we encourage those who have a parking space or an extra driveway to list it on our website. The high cost of living associated with Chicago is nothing to laugh at, and so the area is uniquely suited for people to rent out their extra parking space for cash. Regardless of whether you have extra space in the form of a garage, a driveway, an attic or even a backyard, take a few clear photos and enter a few details and in no time at all you can list your extra room. And remember, it’s free to list your space at Spacer!

Our Customers Share Their Experiences Using Spacer

“Very helpful staff that helped find a renter in a very short period.”

Carmen via Google+

“A great way to earn extra cash. Spacer will guide you through the process from helping you set up your listing through to the final stage. James and Christine from Spacer are fantastic they made it effortless.”

Jo-Anne via Google+

“I found the use and support very good, glad I listed my spaces.”

Steve via Facebook

“A brilliant way to easily advertise small spaces on a regular basis. They also look after the payments side of things. I basically don't have to do anything except set up the renter with keys etc at the outset. The staff are also very helpful.”

Chris via Google+