Parking in new york

Parking in New York

Looking for long term parking in New York?

Parking in New York

Parking in New York can be rough. Recently launched in the greater New York area, Spacer is the go to website for leasing and renting long term parking space. We can also help you find truck parking. We understand your needs and so we are working on rapidly expanding our parking options, specifically in the five boroughs. We have many parking listings in Astoria, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Jersey City and Flushings. We are working on expanding even more aggressively into other areas, particularly in Manhattan.

Parking space is a valuable commodity in New York, so we encourage those who have a parking space or an extra driveway to list it on our website. You can swap your extra space for cash. Regardless of whether your space comes in the form of a parking space in a garage, space in a parking lot, a driveway, an attic or even a backyard, take a few clear photos and enter a few details and in no time at all you can list your extra space. And remember, it’s free to list your space at Spacer!

Our Customers Share Their Experiences Using Spacer

“Great service and incredibly helpful in finding the space I needed in the area I wanted it......... well done team keep it up!”

Len via Google+

“Needed storage for a construction company found spacer online and a garage that suited my needs and was a simple process and the next day we filled the garage and havent had a problem yet!!! Needed receipts for the business tax side of things picked up the phone and less than 24hrs later got what i needed Very happy with the service provided and will use spacer in the future as the need arises”

ASH via Google+

“Spacer connects people with spare spaces to those who need spaces. This sharing economy practice is convenient and cheaper than traditional self-storage. I found a garage for my stuff just a few blocks from my house from someone who has not even used the garage for years! Now, I help them earn a passive income and I don't pay much. :)”

Kay via Truelocal

“Very fast and efficient service, rented my storage in two days.”

Kieran via Google+