Parking in san francisco

Parking in San Francisco

Looking for long term parking in San Francisco?

Parking in San Francisco

Parking in the greater San Fransisco area can be rough. Recently launched in San Francisco, due to our acquisition of the startup Roost, Spacer is becoming the go to website for leasing and renting long term parking space. We understand your needs, and so we are working on rapidly expanding our parking options, specifically in the Downtown areas. We have many parking listings in the Berkeley, Nob Hill, Lower Haight and Soma neighborhoods. If you need a place to park your rv, your tiny house or your trailer we may have a listing for you!

Parking space is a valuable commodity in San Francisco, so we encourage those who have a parking space or an extra driveway to list it on our website. The high cost of living associated with San Francisco is nothing to laugh at, and so the area is uniquely suited for people to rent out their extra parking space for cash. Regardless of whether you have extra space in the form of a garage, a driveway, an attic or even a backyard, take a few clear photos and enter a few details and in no time at all you can list your extra room. And remember, it’s free to list your space at Spacer!

Our Customers Share Their Experiences Using Spacer

“We have had our thing stored with Spacer for over a year now. It has been an easy and stress free process. Previously we used a commercial storage company. Using Spacer has saved us $150 per month. Can't recommend them enough.”

Amy via Facebook

“The site is easy to navigate and use. I used it to hire a car space near work. Wish there were more people using it.”

Ramez via Google+

“I have recently been a host on the Spacer site. My garage has been rented within a week of being advertised to my surprise!! Speedy service notifications when you have found a renter to your mobile. Questions answered on log on site with no hesitation. Great customer service well done Spacer!!”

Terri via Google+

“Storing my motorbike in ultra secure space at very affordable rates. Most convenient, like Uber but for your stuff!”

Gregory via Google+