Parking in washington dc

Parking in Washington DC

Looking for long term parking in Washington DC?

Parking in Washington DC

Parking in Washington DC can be rough. Recently launched in the Washington DC area, Spacer is the go to website for leasing and renting long term parking space. We understand your needs and so we are working on rapidly expanding our parking options, specifically in the Downtown areas. We have many parking listings in the Columbia Heights, Roslyn and Cleveland Park neighborhoods and are working on expanding into surrounding suburbs in Maryland and Virginia. We have Dupont parking, Foggy Bottom parking, Georgetown parking and Capitol Hill parking. We like to say that space comes in the form of parking spots in parking lots and parking spaces in parking places! (Parking places refer to driveways and garages).

Parking space is a valuable commodity in the district. If you have a spare parking space or an extra driveway, list it on our website. You can swap your extra space for cash. Regardless of whether your space is in the form of a garage, a driveway, an attic or even a backyard, take a few clear photos and enter a few details and in no time at all you can list your extra space. And remember, it’s free to list your space at Spacer.

One of the benefits of using Spacer and other sharing economy startups is the positive impact on the environment. Spacer utilizes space which would otherwise remain empty and helps to lower the energy consumption of storage facilities and parking lots across the country. An environmental future is a goal for Spacer.

Regardless of why you need a parking spot, its proximity to you is vital. That is one reason why Spacer can be really helpful. We have spaces all around Washington, so we can try to find a spot as close to where you need it as possible.

Our Customers Share Their Experiences Using Spacer

“Best company ever!”

Sarah via Google+

“I needed some storage space while we were in between offices. Jumped on Spacer, found some space which was half the price of what normal storage companies charge in Alexandria! Great service!!”

Glen via Truelocal

“Great support staff and very responsive. Found someone to rent my space within a few weeks”

Colin via Google+

“Originally seen on TV about SPACER I thought that it was a great idea renting out unused space to someone in need. I was grateful to Christine and James for their helpful customer service. It was they that helped me with the listing and finding a renter.”

Viera via Google+

“Easy to use website which got my space rented out within a month or so. Recommended.”

Gavin via Facebook