Expense-less Parking: Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida is one of the most popular family destinations in the country. With exciting rides, hotels designed for families, and of course, lego structures that will blow your mind, Legoland has something for everyone.

And if you’re planning an upcoming trip to this exciting theme park, you probably have some questions. What can you expect at Legoland? Where should you park? How much is parking at Legoland Florida? What are the benefits to staying at the official hotels? And if you choose not to stay at Legoland, all there shuttle services? 

In this Spacer rundown of one of America’s best loved theme parks, we’ll answer all of your Legoland Florida questions!

What makes Legoland Florida special?

There are eight Legoland locations around the world, so what makes Legoland Florida stand out? Well, what families love about the Legoland in the Sunshine State is that it has more to offer than your standard theme park. Beyond what you might expect at Legoland, such as the rides and miniature lego cities, there are also botanical gardens, a water park, various shows and theatrical performances, and a lakeside beach resort. 

You might be wondering why Legoland Florida decided to squeeze in all of these additional attractions instead of sticking to the major draws of a standard Lego-themed amusement park. Well, when Legoland bought the land that used to be Florida’s first ever theme park – Cypress Gardens – they decided not to completely demolish the historic site. After all, since it’s opening in 1936, Cypress Gardens has featured some amazing attractions, such as its elaborate water ski shows and flourishing botanical garden. The water ski show has been updated to include Lego performers, and you can still see the original Banyan Tree that was reportedly planted in a five-gallon pot in 1939. The tree is now a stunning maze of roots and limbs – you definitely don’t want to miss it when you visit.

With a whopping 150 acres to explore, it’s no wonder that families opt to spend more than one day here. That’s why there are multiple on-site hotels and plenty of restaurants so that you don’t have to leave the park at the end of the day. 

What is it like to stay at the resort?

Many families love the convenience of the Legoland Resort setup, which includes hotels, restaurants, and the beach resort. 

The hotels within the park are designed in the Legoland style so that the kiddos get a fully immersive experience. Within the park you can choose between the main Legoland Hotel and the Pirate Island Hotel – both offer the same range of amenities and activities.

And for families looking for more nature and quiet time, the Legoland Beach Resort is just over the road. Here, you can find peaceful bungalows on the edge of Lake Dexter. But don’t worry, you won’t forget that you’re at a Legoland Resort – each room has a Lego theme and you’ll still be able to join in the fun Legoland activities.

As far as costs go, you’ll find the resort fees to be pretty reasonable. According to the Legoland Hotel website, they offer vacation packages starting at $196.24 per person. That price includes breakfasts, parking, and plenty of extras for the kids like Lego builder workshops and Scavenger Hunts with Lego prizes.  

And of course, a major benefit of staying at the Legoland resort is not having to deal with the end-of-the-day disappointment when you try to convince your kiddo that it’s time to leave the park. They’ll actually be excited about the fun and games waiting for them at the hotel. 

Plus, after a long day at the park, you won’t have to contend with traffic out of the park or driving back to your off-site hotel. Everything is just minutes away. Even the Legoland Beach Resort offers a shuttle between the bungalows and the main park.

So, clearly, convenience is a big win for the Legoland accommodations. If you’re looking for a completely driving and parking-free experience, you’ll enjoy staying at the resort.

Do you have to stay at the resort?

Of course not! There are off-site accommodations available for families who don’t want to stay at the hotel or beach resort. And in fact, staying outside of the park is a great way to get a feel for the non-theme park attractions and local restaurants that Florida has to offer. 

For those looking to stay outside of the park, Legoland is in close proximity to two towns, Lakeland and Winter Haven, with plenty of hotels and campsites. There you’ll find even cheaper housing accommodations than at the park.

The only drawback, of course, is that you will have to commute back and forth from your hotel to the park every day. But, you can look for hotels with regular shuttle service to and from the park so that you don’t have to navigate Legoland parking. Many of these hotels include parking in their rental price, to keep your costs down.

Staying in Orlando or Tampa

Because there are so many family-friend activities in this part of Florida, many families choose to make Tampa or Orlando their home base. That way, they can explore Legoland as well as some of the other amusement parks and attractions in the area.

This is generally an option that is best for anyone interested in spending two weeks or more in Florida. For families looking to travel by RV or by car, staying in either of these two bustling cities is a good choice.

If you’re planning on flying into Orlando or Florida, have you considered airport parking at the beginning of your trip? Whether you’re flying down to sunny Florida from Boston, Chicago, or Seattle, make sure that you book cheap airport parking through Spacer to cut the overall cost of your Legoland trip!

Parking at Legoland Florida: What to expect

If you’re driving to Legoland from out of town or you book a hotel without a shuttle service, what can you expect when it comes to parking?

Well it probably won’t surprise you that the prices are steep. One day of parking in Legoland Florida will cost you $23 for standard parking or $33 for preferred parking. Campers and RVs cost $24 for the day, while motorcycle parking costs $10. You can leave and come back to the parking lot throughout the day, but prices reset each morning.

If you’ve considered buying the Legoland Annual Pass, you can get free standard parking! Just make sure that you purchase your pass in advance, as refunds for parking will not be issued.

Other transportation options

For anyone wanting to split their time between Orlando and Legoland without a car, there are a few alternative transportation options. Instead of hiring a taxi, which costs an arm and a leg, there is a reasonably priced shared-shuttle run by Legoland

For $5 per person, you can catch a ride from 8350 Universal Blvd which leaves at 9am. Then, take the same shuttle back to Orlando at park closing.

Are you excited for your upcoming trip to Legoland Florida?

Throughout the year, Legoland Florida is a wonderful destination for families. While this unique theme park is designed to entertain and engage kiddos, it’s fun for the entire family. And since it’s surrounded by Florida’s natural habitat and a slew of other theme parks, you’re going to want to spend some quality time here. 

Luckily, there are plenty of parking and transportation options so that you don’t have to worry about adding extra expenses to your trip. Here at Spacer, we can’t wait to hear about your family-fun adventures at Legoland Florida!

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