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  • Rachel (Renter), Boston
    Spacer made it easy to find an affordable parking spot near my apartment building.

    Rachel (Renter), Boston

  • Andrew (Renter), New York City
    Parking in NYC is stressful. I don’t have to worry because I have a secure, safe, clean parking spot with Spacer.

    Andrew (Renter), New York City

  • Margaret (Renter), Chicago
    Spacer allowed me to find a parking spot close to my apartment so I didn't have to park in the street.

    Margaret (Renter), Chicago

Monthly Parking in Washington DC

Are you trying to find a long term parking solution and considering renting monthly parking in Washington DC? Here at Spacer, we specialize in 24/7 monthly parking that is easy to park in and close to work or near home. With thousands of monthly parking garages and parking lots, renting parking spots has never been easier.

Finding monthly parking in Washington DC, or the "The City on the Hill" as it is known, is challenging. Washington attracts high volumes of daily commuters, and with a population of around 786,583 people, it is no wonder finding parking is notoriously difficult. With some of the highest parking prices in the USA, it can be especially tricky to search for cheap parking. Street parking can be found; however, with many regularly enforced restrictions, long term parking garage is the most reliable option to avoid costly fees and the chance of being towed away.Renting a parking space will save you money and be a far more convenient way to park your car and avoid daily, expensive parking charges. At Spacer, our mission is to support your search for monthly parking. We have spaces across Washington DC conveniently located to all the regular hotspots with options on different types of spaces for your peace of mind.

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58 monthly parking spots in Washington DC

Parking spot addressParking TypeMonthly Price
1440 N St NW - CoveredMonthly$312.50
1420 N Street Northwest - CoveredMonthly$105.00
1420 N Street Northwest - OutsideMonthly$73.75
1420 N Street Northwest - GarageMonthly$89.98
1200 14th St NW. - Indoor lotMonthly$240.00
1707 L Street NW - Indoor lotMonthly$329.12
1325 18th Street - GarageMonthly$275.00
1155 14th Street NW - Indoor lotMonthly$286.35
1301 M Street NW - Indoor lotMonthly$300.00
910 15th Street NW - Indoor lotMonthly$275.00

Find & compare secure, monthly parking anywhere in Washington DC

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Washington Parking FAQs

Who is Spacer?

Spacer offers cheap parking alternatives across the USA. It is part of the sharing economy, offering people access to peer to peer parking options. Spacer is the # 1 monthly parking marketplace across America. We connect communities and enable customers to rent parking spaces at lower costs saving you money.

Residents who have spaces available can list them, and we connect them with people looking for those spaces. Our easy to use website allows you to filter by location, type of parking space, facilities and walking distance making it extremely user friendly. New spaces are added frequently widening the already vast network.

Spacer can save up to 50% on regular parking rates by using monthly parking on our site. Utilizing this great service, you take away the stress of trying to find parking spaces every day on your commute.

How much is parking in Washington?

Parking rates can differ depending on which option you select; however, average public daily parking is $8-$10 per hour, and for 24 hours can cost close to $40 per day. Parking garages and lots around the city will charge anywhere from $20 - $50 a day which can end up costing you more if you regularly have to park in the city 5 days a week.

What is the average monthly parking cost in Washington?

The average monthly price for a parking spot is $300 in Washington DC. You will save upwards of 50% by using Spacer's monthly parking options. If you want to save on your daily parking rates then monthly parking is the best option for you. Spacer will take the hassle out of parking and make it easy, convenient, safe and cheaper.

How Much Can I Save using Spacer?

You will save upwards of 50% by using Spacer’s monthly parking options. If you want to save on your daily parking rates then monthly parking is the best option for you. Spacer will take the hassle out of parking and make it easy, convenient, safe and cheaper.

What is the cheapest monthly parking spot in Washington?

Our cheapest monthly parking spot is Washington Circle Northwest Foggy Bottom, currently priced $60 per month.

How to find cheap monthly parking in Washington DC?

We have a filter system for finding the cheapest monthly parking options within walking distance, which can be found next to the search box at the top of the page.

Where to park when visiting Washington?

Can you park for free in Washington?

Parking in Washington DC is free on Sundays and public holidays. If you are a resident you can apply for a residential parking permit at the DMV, but check the local rules around when parking is free.

When do I need to cancel my Subscription?

There are no lock-in contracts, so if you change your mind, you can cancel at any time, but we do ask you to give your Host one month's notice as a courtesy.

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