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Have you ever wondered if it was possible to rent out your parking spot and make some extra cash? If you have an unused parking spot, it’s easier than ever to start a side hustle and make some extra income each month. You could be earning as much as $4,200 per year with your empty garage, simply by renting it out to a local office worker, commuter or student searching for parking with Spacer.

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Rachel, Boston
Rachel, Boston

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Can I rent out my parking spot?

Renting out your unused parking and earning extra income sounds almost too good to be true. Luckily, with Spacer, it’s easy and safe to list your space and make some extra passive income. It’s stress-free to rent your space out, and you don’t have to worry about placing ads on multiple platforms like Craigslist.

When you ask someone to rent my parking spot, there are only three things you need to get started - photos, dimensions, and details. First, try to upload at least 3 photos clearly showing your parking spot. You’ll also need to provide the dimensions of your parking spot, including the length, width, and height. This helps drivers see if the space will accommodate their vehicle. You’ll also need to provide a few details, such as the features of the parking spot, access, and security details, as well as the distance from any amenities or public transport.

As a host, you can decide the access times. Most hosts decide to offer 24/7 access, although it’s completely up to you. You may also choose to include lighting and CCTV which are great bonuses when asking someone to rent my parking spot. For indoor or underground parking, it may also include security patrols, security gates.

The amount that you can earn is influenced by the location of your parking spot and the type you have, such as a driveway, indoor space, garage, outside space, or undercover parking spot. When you ask someone to ‘ rent my driveway,’ the average driveway parking size is 2.5m x 5m. The pricing strongly depends on your city and location. As a rough idea, the average host on Spacer earns around $200 per month for renting out their driveway.

Indoor parking spots are extremely popular with commuters in inner-city areas. The average size is 2.4m x 5m, and you’ll need to include a remote or swipe pass. The average price for an indoor lot is around $300 per month, but it can vary depending on your city and location.

If you want to ask someone to rent my garage, the average size is 3m x 6m. The Renter will require a remote, key, or swipe pass. Garages are in high demand as they provide additional security over a driveway. The average price is around $250 per month, buy varies based on your location.

If you’ve got an outside empty parking spot or street parking spot, then why not make some extra money and rent it out to a local who needs additional space? The average size is 2.4m x 5m, and the average price is around $175 per month.

Do you have undercover car parking spots, such as a carport? If so, the average price is approximately $200 per month. A carport is usually in more demand than a driveway, as it provides extra cover from the elements, with the average space being around 2.5m x 5m. However, driveways are preferred in high density areas where Renters are looking for easy entry, affordable solutions.

At the moment, Spacer is available in all major cities in the U.S. and has got you covered for all your monthly parking San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, DC and Boston needs. Average prices vary across cities, as well as the type of space you wish to rent, and your location.

Are you still wondering whether you should ask locals to ‘rent my parking spot’? As long as you meet the above easy requirements, you’re all set. It takes less than 10 minutes to list your parking spot online, for free. Spacer makes money by charging a small fee to drivers for each booking. As a parking host, you are never charged to rent out your driveway!

Whether your parking spots are close to downtown, the airport, or a major public transport hub, there’s sure to be someone looking to rent your unused parking spot. Drivers aren’t only looking for the cheapest space. They’re also after security, and proximity to their location to determine the best monthly parking near me option.

You can choose to rent your long term parking spot based on your needs, and set your own parking rates. If you’re unsure of a fair market rate, you can search other nearby listings, or reach out to our friendly team, and we’d be happy to help with some suggestions.

After registering your parking lots online, sit back and relax and wait for your first monthly parking request to come through. Hosts usually receive their first booking within a month. Choose which bookings to accept or decline, and the availability and accessibility of the space. Then coordinate a welcome with your new Renter, and hand over any access cards or passes, then have them park their car.

There’s never been an easier and more convenient way for you to ‘rent my parking spot’. After listing your space, you can sit back and count the money coming in. Spacer handles all payments through our website and then makes a monthly deposit to your bank account. You can forget about complex contracts and chasing late payments. Talk about the perfect side hustle!

Spacer also has excellent online and phone support to quickly resolve any problems. We are here to guide you through every step of the process to help you rent my parking spot.

Join thousands of people in the United States already making money by renting out their unused parking spots. Listing is free, and it’s possible to make up to $4,200 per year.

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