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Long Term Parking Oakland

Find affordable long term parking in Oakland with ease using Spacer. Spacer is a marketplace that connects you with people who have the space you need and are ready to share it. Instead of paying exorbitant amounts, rent long term parking in Oakland with us for a fraction of the cost.

Let’s face it, most of us have experienced the frustration of frantically driving around looking for a parking spot so you can go to your important business meeting or special date with your significant other. You might have even decided to park wherever you could just to make it in time—only to return to see that you have a ticket for parking in the wrong spot.

Forget monthly parking permits and constantly searching for “garage space for rent near me” or “overnight parking near me.” Spacer’s network helps you find less expensive parking options that guarantee you a spot to fix these parking problems. Save yourself the hassle of looking for parking daily by renting out long term parking in Oakland using our platform.

We also have various monthly parking options across the United States—from big vacation cities with our monthly parking Los Angelesmonthly parking NYCmonthly parking Boston, and monthly parking DC, to other cities with our Baltimore monthly parkingDenver monthly parkingmonthly parking Downtown Dallas, and, last but not least, monthly parking Austin

How does long term parking work?

Long term parking is generally needed when you are travelling out of town for an extended period. If your trip is more than six to seven days long, long term parking may be the solution for you and your automobile.

Long term parking is a cost-effective solution compared to the daily cost of short term parking. Parking spots for long term use tend to be located far from the airport terminal, so consider the walking distance involved unless transportation services are available.

However, getting long term airport parking can be an additional burden you don’t want to take on. Not only do airports extremely inflate their prices when it comes to parking lots, but you also might need to go through a lengthy reservation process. There are many other things to consider when getting long term parking at an airport as well, such as rates, time restrictions, and availability of the space.

At Spacer, we offer a highly effective solution to all your long term parking needs in Oakland. We offer tons of local parking options near airport terminals around the United States, allowing you to save resources and get the best parking deals available to you. 

While we might not be able to get you a parking spot right at the terminal, we can get you close to the airport at a fraction of the cost. You can opt to take a cab instead from your secure long term parking spot to be dropped off at the airport and back again, saving hundreds on the costly parking rates at the airport.

What factors should you consider before renting a parking space?

Before renting long term parking in Oakland, the main thing you want to consider is location. You want to select a parking space near the airport for ease. Using Spacer, you can either select the city you want to park in or browse our map to find affordable long term parking.

Browse around the options, take note of how far it will take you to get to the airport, and select a parking option that makes you feel secure. Our online platform gives you endless options, from quality indoor parking that will keep you safe from break-ins to a cheaper garage near your friend’s address that allows them to use your vehicle while you’re gone. 

Another factor you should consider is cost. Spacer is transparent with our pricing data and offers discount parking options, so rest assured that you, the customer, are getting the best bang for your buck. 

Providing long term parking options saves money and provides some security for our parking hosts. Spacer transfers and manages all funds to protect the owners and the people booking their new car space. The cost of parking isn’t charged until your owner confirms your reserved spot.

Once you’ve picked a space you like, simply press “Book.” This will give you a review of the parking space, such as what size of vehicle it can accommodate and so on. You can also choose to contact the person for any additional questions. 

How to choose the right parking space in Oakland?

Aside from price and location, there are other factors to consider when selecting the right long term parking in Oakland. Accessibility is a key feature you want to look for. Consider the parking spot’s entrance, its proximity to amenities, and its proximity to road access when selecting the best parking space.

Security is also essential when choosing the right space. Some parking spots on Spacer include CCTV cameras and secure entry and exit points through the use of keycards or access codes. As an added luxury, you can also find valet parking options, which saves you time since you don’t need to park your car.

If you’re wondering about how to rent my driveway to share your parking option, join the Spacer network and make some extra cash on the side. Everyone benefits from a side hustle with Spacer as parking is always in demand. You can rent whatever space you can for cars and earn extra dollars per month. You decide who has access and when they have access. 

With Spacer, commuters can save on parking, and hosts can make passive income by renting out long term parking spaces. Find a local host with a parking spot that you can use by searching for the street and street number in the area you want to park. Book online now.

Spacer’s Money-back Guarantee

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