Car Storage Near Me

If you’re searching for car storage near me and local monthly parking options then it’s time you discovered what the Spacer network can offer you. Instead of creating more parking garages so we can all find a garage for rent near me, we wondered whether there were any people out there who had some spare space they weren’t using and that they might want to earn a little extra cash off renting out instead. There are thousands of unused parking spaces across the United States and the Spacer network is a chance to use that long term parking or garage space for rent to help keep car storage near me affordable for vehicle owners and help the people who want you to rent my driveway make some cash on the side. You can search for monthly parking near me as well as longer term storage options too.

How much does it cost to keep a car in storage?

The rates for a car storage unit offered by a big commercial storage facility will vary depending on the type of storage that you’re looking for, the availability of vehicle storage options at their facility and how close or far it is from the center of town. There’s no real standard rate for vehicle storage and it really comes down to supply and demand. The Spacer network has helped to change that. We have created an online marketplace where anyone who has enough space to offer reliable car parking storage can advertise that space directly to the vehicle owners who need it. This might be an overnight parking option for something like RV storage or it may be a long term parking arrangement during business hours or outside of it, or both. The great thing about using Spacer to find affordable car parking storage is how you can choose the vehicle storage option that works the best for you.

Storing a vehicle for a long term stint can be tricky so ensure you look after your vehicle and make some necessary adjustments when storing it for longer than a couple of months. You should consider chatting with a mechanic if you’re not sure how to prepare your car for long term storage. They may tell you to change the oil, put tire jacks under the tires and disconnect your battery. Using a car cover can help to keep out dirt and dust and will protect the paintwork. If you’re considering outdoor car storage near me then this is highly recommended for ensuring your car remains in pristine conditions while it’s being stored.

When you search online using the Spacer network for a garage to rent, you can search down to the street level of your ideal location. We operate right across the US with thousands of local parking spaces and covered and uncovered car storage near me. Search for boat storage and vehicle storage options in Los Angeles and NYC, Baltimore and San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. Wherever you need a secure parking space that is protected from the elements or conveniently located on the street right outside, Spacer has the space that you’re looking for.

If you want to advertise a space you have and encourage people to rent my driveway or rent my parking space, Spacer can help. Advertising your available car storage near me is free on Spacer. We have some guides to help you create a thorough and inviting online advertisement, showing what vehicle owners are usually most interested in and the best way to present your available space. We’ll suggest that you take photos of the space and provide very clear and very accurate dimensions as well as any key accessibility options. For example, some vehicles owners may struggle with stairwells or basement level covered parking, so these are the kinds of details it’s worth noting in your advert.

If someone is interested in storing their vehicle at your available space, then they will contact you through the Spacer network directly. If they have something like a classic car or they’re looking for trailer storage, then they’ll likely ask you how often and how quickly they can access their property being stored. You can negotiate the terms of accessibility to suit your circumstances, negotiating the most comfortable arrangement for all parties involved.

We take care of the rest for you, managing payments and rental agreements through our secure online platform so you can relax and enjoy earning a little something extra helping out your neighbors find outdoor car storage near me or a car storage rental they can comfortably afford.

Traditional car storage providers usually dictating terms of use and access that are general, so not always the most convenient, and setting prices to suit their own profit margins. Spacer is different. We are the human response to the problem of finding reliable and affordable car storage near me, bringing communities closer together and reminding everyone that space is there for sharing.

Start your search online today for car storage near me in your local surrounding suburbs and towns. Spacer will show you exactly what garage space for rent is available in your chosen location and help you choose the best, most comfortable and cheapest long term garage for rent currently available. Book online for car storage near me today with Spacer.

Benefits of booking with Spacer?

Spacer is the easiest way to save money on monthly parking.

  • Save money

    Rent monthly parking that you can afford and at the location you need.

  • Peace of mind

    Your parking spot is reserved for you and you’ll no longer have to worry about parking fines.

  • Be on time

    Be on time to the office instead of circling around streets.

  • 7 Day Support

    We offer support online and over the phone through every step of the process.

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