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Monthly Parking in Medford, MA

The residents of Medford like so many of you, love the freedom that driving yourselves from point A to point B offers. Perhaps we regard it as a show of our own independence. But, one thing you can all agree on is that none of us enjoy the ever increasing hunt for parking.

That sense of irritation that creeps over you when there's no street parking in front of your destination is a feeling we all share. Even more annoying is the fact that the nearest car park is often too far or more than likely, also full. This type of frustration is also a reality for many looking for parking Medford and other Boston suburbs have on offer.

Commuters working in the suburb of Medford also undoubtedly experience the frustration of finding affordable monthly parking. Finding cheap monthly parking Medford offers its commuters can be very challenging. Do we shrug our shoulders and accept it as ‘one of those things'? Not anymore!

Our company named Spacer has come up with a very innovative idea to facilitate the parking Boston and other major U.S cities, like Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, can offer their visitors and commuters, solving the problem we all face.

What Can Spacer do About Parking?

Simply put, Spacer is an online platform designed to connect people who need parking with people who have parking spaces available to rent.

Many people have vacant garages, driveways or carports available on their private properties that they're not using. Spacer offers residents the opportunity to rent out these spaces to drivers in need of daily, monthly or long term parking.

How do Residents Become Hosts?

Spacer offers residents the opportunity to earn some extra money by renting out their vacant spaces. This process is called ‘becoming a host' and is quite simple to do.

Simply register on the Spacer app by using options on the website such as ‘rent my parking space' or ‘rent my driveway'. Upload a photo or two of the space and add dimensions as well as dates & times that it's available

Interested drivers needing to make use of the parking Medford offers will contact you via the platform.

By becoming a Spacer host, you'll be providing options for the cheap parking Medford can offer its visitors, doing your part to create a more friendly environment for drivers.

How Do Drivers Use the Spacer Platform?

Drivers hoping to take advantage of the parking Medford residents have to offer also need to register on the app or website.

Search ‘parking near me', or ‘monthly parking Medford' if you're a commuter needing parking every day. If you're just visiting for the day, search ‘cheap parking Medford'. By selecting an option, the system will connect you to a host that can assist you with your own parking spot. You'll have the option of requesting open or covered parking options.

Why Use Spacer?

There are a few very good reasons to use the Spacer platorm such as:

  • Save time and frustration by eliminating your search for the monthly parking Medford has available.    

  • Full parking lots or parking garages that are too far from your destination will be a thing of the past.

  • You'll have peace of mind knowing that your car is safe for the duration of your visit.

How is Payment Made?

An added advantage to using the Spacer app is that neither the host nor the driver must handle any money or administration. Everything is done by Spacer, making it a safe and secure platform to use. Using the parking Medford offers commuters just got a whole lot easier!

Things to Do in Medford

With cheap parking rates now easily available, you can plan a trip to Medford and enjoy the sights this exciting town has to offer. One of the first places to visit is Wrights tower. Look for a place to park on South Border road, easily done via Spacer. Hike up to the tower where you'll get to enjoy an exquisite view of the surrounding area.

The Serenity in the City Spa on Middlesex Avenue is the ideal place to pamper yourself after a day of hiking. If shopping is your way of relaxing, the Townline Plaza, also on Middlesex Avenue offers a variety of shops for you to explore.

Ball Square Café on Broadway offers the opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine. Downtown Medford sports a quaint little café called Café Deia. Situated on Main Street, it's just a stone's throw from the spa. If you need to stay over for the night, the ideal place would be the Hyatt Place Boston hotel on Riverside Avenue.

And of course, a visit to Medford wouldn't be complete without stopping at Tufts University Art Gallery on Talbot Avenue. Art exhibits from local artists are always a great hit with tourists. With exhibits continuously changing, you're guaranteed to never have a boring visit.

Medford is also known for its many parks, the most popular being Dugger Park located on Mystic River Road. With two basketball courts and five tennis courts there'll definitely be something to keep you busy.

And for all these excursions, you can organize your parking via Spacer!

The parking Medford residents are able to offer commuters and tourists has significantly improved since the inception of Spacer. Drivers in major cities all over the United States are benefiting from the Spacer platform. Download the Spacer app and also take advantage of affordable parking today!

Spacer’s Money-back Guarantee

If the space’s size, location or description doesn’t match what you paid for, we’ll give you your money back. No hassles!

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