What are some Parking Video Games that can help with the Real Thing?


Car parking games are the new way to learn how to park. Whether you’re looking to pass your upcoming driving test or you’ve just had it with the stress that comes with urban parking, a parking simulator or fun parking games are a great way to ease the pressure and improve your parking skills.

Here at Spacer, we’ve been having a blast exploring all the parking games out there. And we’re excited to share our findings with anyone who wants to make parking fun and easy. So take a look at the car parking games we’ve listed here, test them out, and let us know what you think!


Before we get to our list, you might be wondering, “Are car parking games really worth it?”


Sure, there are plenty of parking games out there, but you might wonder whether they’re actually worth the time. Well, that really depends on what you want to get out of the experience. Do you want a parking game that is relaxing and entertaining? Do you want to ease your stress about parking? Do you want to learn how to park or become better at parking? These are all goals that can be achieved with parking games, but you’ll want to be intentional about which games you choose.


For instance, let’s talk about parking games that are purely for entertainment. If you love puzzles and mental challenges, these car parking games are going to be perfect for you. Similar to Tetris and other fun puzzle games, parking games can activate a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when you learn to park perfectly.


And then there are the stress relieving benefits. In fact, there’s evidence to show that playing games can help us recover from stressful situations and cope better with daily stress. Because parking games can be relaxing and even meditative, you can feel good about incorporating car parking games into your self-care routine. The key is to choose a parking game that makes you feel calm and engaged. 


But how about those who struggle with parking- or driving-specific stress? Will parking games help or just make things worse? The good news is, there is certainly potential to flip the script on your parking anxiety with parking games, especially when it comes to virtual reality parking games. A study published earlier this year found that participants with driving avoidance and anxiety were able to overcome their fears through VR driving and parking simulations. That’s because driving and parking in a neutral environment helps to build confidence for real world scenarios, and a VR driving or parking simulator is a great way to feel more prepared on the road.


Now, we do want to note that overcoming driving and parking anxiety is a process – you might not become a parking pro after trying out a couple of real parking games. But with regular practice, you can rewire your brain to be less overwhelmed behind the wheel. And in the meantime, having a designated parking space can also help with daily driving stress. With Spacer, you can book your own parking space from New York to San Francisco so that you don’t have to worry about on-street parking. We understand the stress of parking, and we’re here to give you more control over the process!  


And there’s one other benefit of parking games: improvement in real world decision making. And that doesn’t just come from VR simulations. NBC reported that people who regularly play video games experience a bump in decision-making response time even when they’re not playing. In this instance, it actually doesn’t matter if your video games are parking-related or not – you’ll still enjoy an improvement in your decision-making abilities in real life, which can be especially helpful while parking.


As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why parking video games are worth your time. They can help lower stress, boost your parking confidence, and even make you a more alert driver in the real world. Not to mention, they’re just plain fun! So which one should you try?


Our list of the best car parking games out there


1. Modern Car Drive Parking Game by Knights PVT Ltd

This is a realistic, 3D parking simulator game that is designed to improve your parking skills. You’ll face real world parking challenges including road barriers and tight parking spaces. It’s wonderfully challenging and realistic, and the multiplayer option means that you can play against others! You know, just in case you have to prove to your friends who should drive to the next fun outing.


2. Multi-Storey Car Parking VR by Tapinator, Inc.

If parking garages are your weak spot, why not try out this virtual reality parking simulator to build your confidence? The VR experience will make you feel like you’re driving a real car, and the real world challenges in this game will prepare you for the in-person experience. But don’t worry about getting bored once you master a parking garage – there are multiple difficulty levels to keep you engaged.


3. Parking Passion by Poki

We’ll admit, this game doesn’t have the flashy 3D graphics and real world feel of the previous two parking games, but it will satisfy anyone looking for something simple and user-friendly. It’s an angle, perpendicular, and parallel parking game with 2D cars, and you use your device’s arrows to accelerate and turn. Sounds basic, but don’t be surprised if you get hooked on this engaging parking simulator!


4. Real Car Parking 2: Driving School 2020

This is another of the highly rated 3D real parking games that is sure to prepare you for anything on the road. You’ll be able to compete for new cars, play against other drivers, and feel more comfortable behind the wheel when parking in real life. What we love about this parking simulator is that you get all the realistic effects of parking – car engine sounds, the ability to check your rearview window, and the same parking sensors that you’ll find in newer car models. While it won’t actually replace driving school, this is one of the best car parking games for new drivers.


5. Super Sports Parallel Parking Driver by BrilliantLogic Games

If you’re looking for a game that will help you parallel park, specifically, this should be your go-to parallel parking game. It takes place in a busy metropolitan area so that you can become comfortable with city parallel parking – something that many of us actively avoid! If parallel parking is your nightmare, you’ll get the chance to try it out in busy settings in a variety of cars with different handling and abilities. This is another game that doesn’t offer the most realistic graphics, but the emphasis on parallel parking and city driving is great for anyone looking to build those driving skills!


There are so many car parking games to try, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you!



While we’ve highlighted our top five parking games here, there are plenty more to explore on your own! Whether you’re looking for real-life VR car parking games or more user-friendly 2D parking puzzles, you’re bound to find a parking game that makes you feel more comfortable and confident about your own parking.

Do you have a favorite parking simulator or game to share? We’d love to hear about your top car parking games!