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  • Margaret (Renter), Chicago

    Spacer allowed me to find a parking spot close to my apartment so I didn't have to park in the street.

    Margaret (Renter), Chicago

  • Andrew (Renter), New York City
    Parking in NYC is stressful. I don’t have to worry because I have a secure, safe, clean parking spot with Spacer.

    Andrew (Renter), New York City

  • Rachel (Renter), Boston
    Spacer made it easy to find an affordable parking spot near my apartment building.

    Rachel (Renter), Boston

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About Us

Spacer is America’s #1 Monthly Parking Marketplace. We connect thousands of Renters across the country looking for parking with Hosts who have an unused driveway, garage or parking spot to share.

Parking doesn’t have to be a terrible experience. At Spacer, we can connect you with affordable and convenient monthly parking provided by local Hosts near your workplace, home or college.

Our community is made up of thousands of people, who are looking to help their neighbors access the parking space they need. You’ll find a wide range of driveways, garages and local parking operators on our platform for you to choose from. Originally founded, tested and proven in Australia, we’re hoping to improve parking across America.

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Monthly Parking

Trying to find convenient and affordable monthly parking can be difficult and time-consuming. When you do manage to find a spot, there’s often little flexibility, especially if you want a parking spot without having to commit to a long lease. You can easily spend several hours searching for ‘monthly parking near me,’ trying to compare options and prices. Plus, if you want the best deal, you will need to contact each parking garage directly to negotiate parking rates. It all sounds exhausting!

Whether you need parking for your daily commute, close to your home, or nearby the airport, with Spacer it’s a breeze to find a parking garage, driveway, or parking lot to suit your needs.

How much does monthly parking cost?

Monthly parking costs across the U.S vary based on several factors including location of the parking spot, whether you want street parking or covered parking, and if your parking spot is close to any amenities such as public transport.

With many U.S. cities experiencing both hot and humid summers as well as brutal winters, keeping your car in covered parking, instead of leaving it to brave the elements, may be the best choice. Plus keeping your car protected from freezing and scorching weather can help your car last longer.

Parking rates will also vary depending on whether you are after short term month-to-month parking options or long term 6 to 12+ months parking. The best way to find the cheapest parking rates is by being flexible with your location. Parking spots in locations with higher demand will have the highest prices. Consider looking for monthly parking spaces within a 10 minute walk to give yourself the best chance to find the cheapest prices. If you don’t use your car often and require a parking spot more to store your car, then by parking in an outer borough, you can usually find the cheapest monthly parking rates. Surprisingly, it may also be cheaper for long term parking at an airport rather than downtown.

The cost of monthly parking fluctuates greatly depending on which city you are in. For monthly parking Chicago, the cost can range on average from $120 in Wicker Park, which is the cheapest neighborhood for parking, up to $500+ for downtown parking with a traditional provider.

San Francisco has some of the most expensive parking in the U.S, with the average price for a parking space with a traditional operator being around $350. Parking is more affordable at Mid-Market with an average price of $225. If you want to park in the Financial District, it will set you back about $400 per month.

In NYC, monthly parking spots also average around $400 per month. You can find monthly parking permits for as cheap as $275 in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City, while in West Village, the average price is $475 per month.

Los Angeles has cheaper parking prices than in San Francisco or NYC, with the average price of monthly parking being around $200 each month, with prices in the Financial District being as high as $400.

With such a small area in Washington DC, parking spots are limited and at a premium. Monthly Parking DC has the 7th highest parking costs in the United States. DC also has expensive parking fines, which can be as much as $100, so the last thing you want to do is park somewhere with a risk of getting a fine. Monthly parking can range anywhere from $55 in Crystal Castle up to $320 in Adams Morgan.

Boston monthly parking spots average around $300 per month and can be found for as cheap as $125 in South Boston. If you need to park in Downtown Boston or Downtown Crossing, then expect to pay $400+.

Luckily, there’s now a faster and easier way to find perfect parking spots, while being able to save hundreds of dollars each month.

With Spacer, it’s easy to rent local, secure, and affordable parking near you. When you rent parking spots, you not only save money, you also have more options to find a parking space closer to the location you need.

A huge benefit of Spacer is that you can instantly see all the parking spots near you, as well as the prices, to find the right to suit your needs. Monthly parking isn’t just more convenient with Spacer. The prices are also much more affordable compared to traditional parking options.

It’s possible to save up to hundreds of dollars per month on cheap and secure parking. Just choose the dates when you need them, make a booking for the most convenient and affordable parking space. Once it’s confirmed, the host will meet you to hand over the access device, and then you can park stress-free in your leased parking space right away!

Forget about circling the streets or stressing about parking fines. You’ll also have total peace of mind that the parking space is always reserved for you whenever you need it.

Spacer is in all major U.S cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Boston, with more coming soon. With Spacer, you will be connected with a host who has a spare car space or garage they are looking to rent, and help their neighbors find easy, convenient, and affordable parking options. See the monthly parking spaces available in your area, and choose from driveways, local parking spots, garages, and more to suit your needs.

Do you want to make some extra money yourself or subsidize the cost of your parking expenses? You could even choose to ‘rent my parking space’ or ‘rent my driveway’ for the days or hours when you’re at work and your own parking space is empty.

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