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Choose from hundreds of parking spots country-wide to find the perfect long term parking spot for you.

Finding cheap long term parking in major cities and business districts is now easier than ever with Spacer. As a marketplace, we connect you to citizens who have the space you need and are ready to share it. Instead of paying top dollar, rent long term parking on Spacer for a fraction of the cost.

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Rachel, Boston

Rachel, Boston

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Andrew, New York City

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Margaret, Chicago

Start your search for monthly parking at Spacer with a location. Once you’ve landed on our site, you’ll see our long term parking options covering San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Boston and Washington DC. Select the city you want to park in and get ready to find affordable monthly parking spots in the United States.

Spacer is primarily a peer to peer marketplace. Instead of typing in ‘monthly parking garage near me’, you can search your office, home, apartment or any other location you need to reliable long term parking nearby, and the results you receive are from individuals or local businesses with parking options they are willing to rent out.

You can search right down to the street numbers on the street you need, knowing exactly how far it will be from your new parking spot to wherever it is that you’re going. You’ll never be late for the office again, wasting time circling the streets for a park. Can’t get monthly parking permits? Reserve a parking spot on Spacer and you’ll never have to worry about heavy parking fines again.

Options from Spacer include everything from a parking garage, private garage, driveways and local parking operators. Local businesses also use the Spacer platform to reach out and let you know that they’ve got great rates and that they’re available for long term parking. You get cheaper long term parking and security knowing that your spot is always going to be available.

Planning to travel overseas or throughout the U.S.? It’s easier to drive to your local airport, park your car close to a terminal and then walk in with your luggage to board your flight. But with everyone wanting to drive in and limited parking available, airport parking rates are usually high. Spacer can help here, too. Our local parking options are available near and around LAX, SFO, DCA, JFK, LGA, EWR, BOS, ORD. While we might not be able to help you find parking right at the terminal, we can get you close to the airport and for a fraction of the cost of long term terminal parking. Take a cab from your secure long term parking spot to the airport and back again, and you’ll still have saved a few hundred dollars on parking costs.

How much is long term parking?

Once you’ve chosen the city you need parking in, you’ll see a map of the area Spacer covers and the kinds of options on offer. Our parking solutions include private driveways or carports. Have you ever driven to work or your home, rolling past empty driveway after empty driveway? We reached out to homeowners and asked if they have a space to rent to you. You could finally have that ideal parking space within perfect walking distance that you’ve been driving past for months.

There are 1000’s of long term parking options available to choose from. Average parking costs on Spacer are transparent and available to view so you can compare the rates to your current parking situation.

Spacer manages the whole booking process. Once you have located the parking spot that you want, you simply press ‘Book’. This will take you to more details about the kind of parking option that’s available and exactly where it’s located. You can review the parking description to get an idea of what size vehicle it will accommodate and how comfortably. If there are any questions you have not already covered in the description, then you can contact the person renting the spot and confirm what you need.

Our parking options are long term which means you rent your desired parking spot over a minimum of one month. Long term parking options both save money in the long run and provide our Hosts with some security. All funds are transferred and handled by Spacer to protect both the owners and the people booking their new car space. You are not charged the cost of the parking until your booking has been confirmed by your owner. Originally tested in Australia, and hugely successful, we’re now offering this unique, safe and affordable parking system to cities across the United States.

How do I rent my parking space? How do I rent my driveway? If you have a long term parking option that you can share, find out how you can join the Spacer network and make a bit of extra cash on side. Everybody benefits from a side hustle and parking is always in hot demand. You can rent your driveway, indoor parking space, private garage, outdoor street parking and undercover spaces online and earn up to $400 extra per month. You get to decide who has access and when they have access. If you’re a commuter and your private parking space is empty during office hours, why not rent it out to a friendly local who works down the road from where you live? The more secure the space, the more you stand to make. People enjoy knowing that their vehicles are safe and protected from things the elements. If you have a high security, undercover parking spot, you are sitting on a hot commodity that could be earning you hundreds every month.

Spacer offers affordable and reliable long term parking options which save commuters on their parking costs and help hosts to make a bit of extra passive income. Search down to the street and street number that you’re looking for an engage a local host who has some parking space to share. Book online today.

Benefits of booking with Spacer?

Spacer is the easiest way to save money on monthly parking.

  • Save money

    Rent monthly parking that you can afford and at the location you need.

  • Peace of mind

    Your parking space is reserved for you and you’ll no longer have to worry about parking fines.

  • Be on time

    Be on time to the office instead of circling around streets.

  • 7 Day Support

    We offer support online and over the phone through every step of the process.

Maximize Space, Minimize Waste. Spacer is committed to sustainability.