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Monthly Parking in Somerville, MA

Drive around in Somerville, Boston and you'll soon realize that finding affordable parking is as problematic there as it is in most other major cities. Whether you need parking downtown near the art galleries on Main Street or need to make use of the monthly parking Somerville offers its commuters, it can be challenging.

Situated northwest of Boston, this suburb is one of the most densely populated areas in the U.S. With this in mind, it's obvious that the parking Somerville has on hand might be a bit challenging.

What's to See and Do in Somerville

If you are a first-time visitor to Somerville, there are a few sites that you definitely have to visit. By making use of the parking Somerville offers, the first place to visit should be the Somerville Museum on Westwood Road. It houses a vast collection of memorabilia recounting the city's colorful history spanning many years.

For art lovers, there's the Brickbottom Artists Association on Fitchburg Street. This non-profit exhibition is open to up and coming artists & has many visitors each year. For visitors interested in some sport activities, there's Dilboy Stadium on Alewife Brook Parkway.

Union Square, situated on Market Way, offers visitors a fun day of shopping, advertising that it has a “little bit of everything”. Situated on Merriam Street, the Bantam Cider offers visitors a sit-down wine and cider tasting. Also, restaurants like Juliet on Washington Street are very popular because of its extensive vegan menu and has a four-star rating.

If you're interested in viewing unusual art pieces, the Museum of Bad Art on Davis Square is definitely worth your time.

With so much to do, the only thing left to do is figure out where you'll park your car!

Monthly Parking Somerville

Being one of the most densely populated areas means that the monthly parking Somerville has on offer leaves commuters very frustrated. Employees of places like Tufts University, where an average of 2000 employees work, obviously know the frustrations of facing full parking lots.

Commuters and visitors are equally eager for a solution to the lack of parking Somerville has available. Fortunately, there is a solution! Ever heard of Spacer?

Spacer—Finally, a Solution

Spacer is an online platform that provides a solution to the parking Boston and other major United States cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and even Washington DC are facing on a daily basis.

Tested and proven successful in Australia, Spacer has now brought its winning solution to the U.S. It's a simple solution to an age-old problem. Instead of building more parking lots or parking garages, why not rent out the spaces already available in residents' own back yards? Parking options are for daily or monthly parking. Yes, arrangements can also be made for long term parking.

Spacer, by using our online platform, connects drivers looking for parking, to residents—referred to as hosts—who have unused parking available.

Spacer—How it Works For Drivers

So, how exactly do you as a driver use the Spacer platform? Simply register on the Spacer app or website. Search ‘ monthly parking near me', or ‘parking Somerville' on the app and you will instantly be connected to residents who match your search criteria.

Spacer—How it Works For Hosts

Spacer offers residents an opportunity to assist drivers with the cheap parking Somerville has on hand. As a host you could earn extra money by renting out your vacant garage, driveway or car port. As a potential host, simply start the process by creating a profile on the Spacer app.

Start by searching ‘rent my parking space' or ‘rent my driveway'. You then submit details about your available space such as address, dimensions, dates available, and whether you're offering daily, weekly, monthly or long term parking. Signing up shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. Spacer also offers a few tips to hosts assisting them in making their advertisements more appealing.

Commuters, who need to make use of the cheap parking Somerville residents can offer, will then connect with you and arrangements can be made to view the space. If the driver will need to use any keys or remotes to gain access to the parking, they'll be provided by the host.

How is Payment Made?

Spacer takes care of any payments via the online platform. Drivers and hosts do not need to handle any additional administration or monies. This provides a safe and secure interaction between host and driver.

The parking Somerville offers visitors just became a lot easier to manage!

What Are the Advantages of Using Spacer?

By using the Spacer platform, drivers looking for the cheap parking Somerville offers will finally have access to a safe and reliable parking spot. Using the Spacer platform saves drivers frustration as there'll be no more driving around only to find no available street parking or full car parks.

Taking advantage of the monthly parking Somerville residents offer, commuters will ensure that their monthly parking expenses stay low and they manage it hassle free. By securing a monthly parking space you'll eliminate the stress of searching for a space every morning.

So, by using the Spacer app, visitors can make use of the parking Somerville residents can assist with.

Say NO to high parking rates and YES to simple, cheap, covered parking solutions!

Spacer’s Money-back Guarantee

If the space’s size, location or description doesn’t match what you paid for, we’ll give you your money back. No hassles!

Got a driveway, garage, or parking spot available to rent?

Did you know you can earn money by leasing your empty parking spot or garage? We are always welcoming new hosts who want to make a little extra money! There is no obligation, and it is quick and easy to list your spot with us here at spacer.

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