About Us

Spacer - The Marketplace for Space

Spacer is the brainchild of founders Mike Rosenbaum and Roland Tam, concepted over a coffee, consummated over a beer (or two) and given birth over many late hours of development and hard work.

The simple premise of our business is this: In an ever competitive and expensive world, in which spare rooms, idle assets or car rides are being shared for cash, spare car spaces areas are an overlooked yet VERY valuable resource. Spare space is something many of us have (without even knowing it) and many others (often our neighbours) also need.

So, welcome to Spacer, the Marketplace for Space. We are the premier peer to peer marketplace for parking, where we connect people WITH SPACE to people who NEED SPACE. Think of us as the AirBnB of Parking.

Lightbulb moment? Probably not, but it just makes sense. We are proud to have built a team of seasoned and professional entrepreneurs and a strong capital investment base to create the most robust, safe and user friendly P2P marketplace for you to connect.