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About Spacer

Spacer is an online marketplace for space, connecting people with extra space (Hosts) with those looking for storage space (Renters). At Spacer we are about utilising and sharing local resources to meet a need in the community. Our website makes it quick, easy and most importantly safe to store goods and make money.

I'm a renter

DDepending on the space rented you can save potentially half what you may pay elsewhere. Rates will vary and are set by Hosts (based on our recommend benchmarks), which are typically set at up to 50% discount to traditional storage rates. That means that you could save $1,000's over the course of your storage period, and store your items in a more convenient location in your local neighbourhood.

We appreciate that the safety of your property is paramount. That is why we provide 3 safeguards to protect your goods: 1) A thorough vetting of all Hosts who use our site through 3rd party ID and credit checks, 2) Indemnity insurance to cover public liabilities, 3) Spacer Property and Goods Guarantee which guarantees your property up to $5000 in case of damage or theft. See our trust & safety page for more information.

Available space will vary from fully secured (alarmed security systems, lock & key) to outdoor. The listing will describe the security of the space and it is up to you to select the most suitable listing for your goods.

No Illegal or toxic products, no perishables, no highly flammable or unstable products. You have a duty of care that means your items will not cause any harm to the space rented or to the host, if in doubt please check with host.

Conditions or “rules” of rental should be clearly listed and agreed to by the Host, but more often than not yes you can. You can directly message the Host at any time to arrange access through the Spacer website.

Your payment always goes through, this is both safe and easy. If your host is asking for direct payment please contact us on

Once you have agreed a move in date and time with the Host, it is your responsibility to transport and store your goods safely. You will need to ensure your items are ready for storage so as to keep disruption to a minimum on the day.

There should be no valuables stored in rented spaces, all items to be stored should be available to be seen if your host has any concerns.

The Host will set the access rules in the listing and you can directly message the Host to request access at any time. Flexibility and collaboration is important. If you have any issues accessing your items please contact Spacer immediately on

Yes of course, if there is an unexpected change of situation and you no longer require storage please notify us ASAP. Depending on the notice given a fee may/may not be charged (see Terms and conditions).

If it’s practical storage then you can rent it. This would include but is not limited to; garages, carports, sheds, spare bedrooms, attics, yards, driveways and subfloor spaces.

I'm a host

That’s the beauty of it, it is absolutely free to list! Spacer collects a small fee to handle payments and marks up the price you set for your space.

As a rough guide a lock up garage on average will rent for about $200-$300 a month, the closer to public amenities or the more features the more desirable the space becomes. A spare bedroom is about $150-$200 per month, an average shed about $100-$150 per month. Price to the market not over it, to ensure a quick rental. It is always a good idea to benchmark your space with other spaces available on Spacer at the same time and make it cheaper if yours has less features or vice versa.

Spacer advertise online and offline. We use paid searches, internet ads, targeted leaflet drops, flyers and have enlisted promotions companies to further diversify our marketing spend. You will start to see Spacer popping up all over the place.

As a Host you can refer all tricky issues to Spacer. On the rare occasion where the need may arise, we can help manage resolutions including but not limited to, payment, storage removal due to overstay, lost items claims by renter etc.

If you need help, we’ve got help, call us on 1-844-467-6678 or live chat with our customer service team.

You can decline any request you do not deem suitable though the “decline” button in your Spacer dashboard.

PPayments are made in the first week of every month into your nominated Australian banking account.

Length of rental can be set or left open ended when you start a new contract. If circumstances change and you need your space back, you should give at least 4 weeks notice to give a Renter time to clear his/her goods.

The 15% service fee is how Spacer makes money, and covers our costs to: Create an active and safe marketplace with verified Hosts and Renters; Advertise your ads to find the right renters for the right sites; Maintain the software platform and provide 24/7 Live Chat and call centre operations to service the market; Offer Spacer Property and Goods Protection and insurance. Other free sites do not offer the same services, and this is what we believe sets our marketplace apart.

Any income that you earn by renting out your space on Spacer should be declared on your annual tax return, as is the case with all income whether that be from Uber, AirBnB or eBay. We recommend that you consult with your accountant or tax advisor to understand your personal tax obligations, and any tax deductions that you may be eligible to claim.