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    Rachel (Renter), Boston

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    Margaret (Renter), Chicago

Boston Monthly Parking

Finding a monthly parking spot in Boston can take time and be expensive due to the limited parking spots available in popular areas like; Fenway, Waterfront and the West End, which have expensive parking rates and limited parking spaces available. There are 4.3 million people in Boston, which is increasing daily parking rates and driving people to find the best monthly parking deals to offset the high parking costs and inflation.

When it comes to city parking rates in Boston, residents and commuters are looking for reliable long term parking options and want to choose parking spots for rent well in advance without concern that they might not find a parking place when needed.If you are looking for parking in the Boston area on a monthly basis, there are several options to choose from. These include street parking, secured parking lots, and garages for rent . Street parking is limited and can be difficult to find sometimes. Secured lots are great for security and are easy to access. Private garages may offer the best value if you’re willing to pay more. Prices vary based on the location and size of the space, so it’s important to compare all your monthly parking options before making a decision.

Here at Spacer, we specialize in 24/7 monthly parking. We have opened up the city of Boston and offer various options for monthly parking. We combine all the secured parking lots, garages, and parking spots for rent into one place, which you can filter through and choose the cheapest parking deal in your area. As seen on the map above, we currently have 51 monthly parking spots in Boston to choose from. The Spacer online platform is easy to use, and we take care of all of the details. You can find parking anywhere in the States from Chicago to Washington DC, NYC to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Once your host has accepted your booking request, we manage your booking, helping to protect both the renter and the host throughout the whole arrangement and deliver payments securely and on time.

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67 monthly parking spots in Boston

Parking spot addressParking TypeMonthly Price
270 Atlantic Avenue - GarageMonthly$465.00
45 Stuart Street - Indoor lotMonthly$400.00
21 Wormwood Street - OutsideMonthly$406.25
29 Otis Street - Indoor lotMonthly$378.75
147 W 4th St - Parking SpaceMonthly$187.50
147 W 4th St - Outdoor lotMonthly$187.50
147 W 4th St - OutsideMonthly$187.50
147 W 4th St - OutsideMonthly$187.50
147 W 4th St - OutsideMonthly$187.50
1365 Washington Street - Indoor lotMonthly$468.75

Find & compare secure, monthly parking anywhere in Boston

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Boston Monthly Parking FAQs

Who is Spacer?

Here at Spacer, our available monthly parking spots are increasing daily and are spanned across Boston and beyond. We have verified all our hosts, offering a wide range of parking types to suit your needs.

What are the advantages of monthly parking?

  • Convenience: Having 24/7 monthly parking is great! You can have your car readily available whenever you need it, and you won't have to worry about finding a place to park.
  • Cost Savings: Monthly parking is often less expensive than paying for daily or hourly parking each time you need it.
  • Security: Many parking garages in Boston offer 24/7 security, so you can be sure your vehicle will be safe when parked there.
  • Flexibility: You may be able to select a parking space that meets your needs, such as being near an elevator or disability-accessible entrance, and some lots even offer spaces with electrical hookups for those with electric vehicles.

How Much Is Monthly Parking in Boston, MA?

Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $175 - $500 per month for a monthly parking spot in the city. The cost of monthly parking in Boston varies depending on the area and type of lot or garage you use. For example, Boston's downtown garages will typically charge higher rates than those in more suburban areas.

How Much Can I Save with Long Term Parking with Spacer?

With Spacer, you can save up to 40% on long term parking in Boston. This means that you could save hundreds of dollars each month compared to traditional garage parking. Additionally, Spacer offers an online booking system to find and book the perfect parking space or garage for rent.

Where to Park Cheap in Boston long term?

For those looking for cheap long-term parking in Boston, one of the best options is the Central Square Garage located at Harvard St Cambridge.

Here are a list of cheap monthly parking spaces in Boston to consider too:

What is the cheapest monthly parking spot in Boston?

Currently, we have a monthly parking space in South Boston on Silver Street at $150, and it is one of the cheapest monthly parking options we have here at Spacer.

Is there free parking in Boston?

Unfortunately, no free parking is available in Boston, unless before 8 AM or after 8 PM. However, plenty of affordable monthly parking options are available throughout the city and into urban areas.

What is the shortest period I can rent a parking garage using Spacer?

We kindly ask for a minimum rental period of one month for a parking garage or spot in Boston, but there is no tie-in or fee if it is earlier.

Struggling to find monthly parking locations in Boston?

You can reach us by calling 1-800-339-2635.

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