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Rachel, Boston

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Andrew, New York City

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Finding a car garage for rent near me can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Some monthly parking options in your local town or city will be very expensive and there are some long term parking options that you may not even know actually exist. Spacer has helped to change all of that. Instead of being only an online registry noting every commercial car garage for rent near me, we have created a dedicated online network of individuals who have space and individuals who need it for parking. The result is affordable monthly parking near me at great rates and offered by people who have space that they aren’t otherwise using. It helps vehicle owners find cheaper rates for things like overnight parking and long term vehicle storage and it helps people who want you to rent my driveway earn a little extra cash every month. There’s the need for fewer and fewer parking garages when you use Spacer. Instead, you’re renting private garages, car parking spaces – including outdoor spaces like street parking – directly from your neighbors.

Where can I store my car?

Do you own a car and you’re looking for long term car storage? Or do you need space for storing your vehicle throughout your working week? Or both? Spacer is where you’ll find an available parking space close to the office, or wherever you’re working, as well as dedicated and secure vehicle parking storage when you’re not using it made available by people who want you to rent my parking space. Spaces on offer through Spacer include long term car storage offered by secure 24/7 parking garages as well as a private garage to rent located on someone’s personal property.

Storing your vehicle is easy and intuitive with Spacer. Not only do we have some of the most affordable car storage fees available across the United States, you can also check with the person who has your space for rent what kind of accessibility you have to your vehicle while it’s being stored. For example, some vehicle owners may need to gain access to their car outside of regular hours and when you’re renting a private garage on someone’s personal property, this can be a bit tricky to arrange. With Spacer, you agree to what the terms of access are for your garage space for rent rent before you book so that everybody understands exactly how your rental agreement works. We take care of managing direct debited payments for your indoor car storage or outdoor vehicle storage rates, so you can relax knowing that you have a reliable and dependable parking option for your vehicle.

Can you park a car in a storage unit?

Vehicle storage rates can be very expensive, and some vehicle owners have sought secure vehicle parking storage from storage providers for both short term storage and long term arrangements.

These types of storage options are usually in the form of things like shipping containers and other easily moved secure boxes that offer enough room to comfortably park a vehicle. This makes them a lot more convenient for the storage provider than for the person seeking reliable and secure storage for their vehicle.

If you’re planning a big trip out of the country then this option might be a good one to consider but if you’re searching for accessible storage options for your car so you can still drive it regularly, a car storage unit may become annoying very quickly. Usually, these types of storage options are located further outside of town and are inconvenient for daily commuting. If you work in Los Angeles and you travel into the city for work, a car storage unit may be located outside of the CBD, forcing you to either get a cab from the storage facility to your destination. These costs can quickly add up. Similarly, drivers in NYC struggle to find reliable parking so a car storage unit might seem like the only option. Spacer can help resolve these issues. We have thousands more options that you’ve probably not considered, like your next door neighbor’s unused carport or a colleagues double garage at home that they’re only using half of at the moment. Instead of paying expensive storage rates for your vehicle, you could be paying a fraction of that cost and directly into the pocket of a friend or neighbor instead.

How much is car storage?

The cost of your car storage at a car garage for rent near me will depend on the location of the garage and what else is available close by. The Spacer network is fast and easy to use. When you search for the first time, simply input the address details that you need to park close to and then scroll through the available spaces for the most comfortable and convenient fit. Our options include everywhere from the suburbs of San Diego to the heart of Washington DC. You can ask for information like the size of the space and what level it’s located on, choosing the most comfortable car storage that works for you.

Search and book online for a car garage for rent near me now using the Spacer online network.

Benefits of booking with Spacer?

Spacer is the easiest way to save money on monthly parking.

  • Save money

    Rent monthly parking that you can afford and at the location you need.

  • Peace of mind

    Your parking spot is reserved for you and you’ll no longer have to worry about parking fines.

  • Be on time

    Be on time to the office instead of circling around streets.

  • 7 Day Support

    We offer support online and over the phone through every step of the process.