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Make up to $5,400 / year

Over $950,000 Paid To Hosts

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Spacer connects people who have a spare parking spot with commuters looking for convenient monthly parking.

Through our website and app, drivers are able to search for a spot where they need it, and rent it out from the owner, with Spacer taking care of processing and guaranteeing payments.

All you need to do to start earning is set your price, list your spot and wait for a booking. Once you’ve provided the driver with access to the spot, that’s it. Sit back and enjoy the extra monthly income without needing to do any work!

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Rent Your Spot Quickly

On average, our Hosts receive a booking request and start making money within 2-3 weeks of listing their spot.

You Set The Rules

You decide when your spot can be used, how you interact with your Renter and how much you want to be paid.

Guaranteed Payments

In the unlikely event that your payment is delayed, we guarantee your monthly income.

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Rachel, Boston
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It takes less than 5 minutes to list and it’s free. Spacer charges Renters a small fee on their monthly payments to keep our marketplace running.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Spacer is an online marketplace for monthly parking, connecting people with extra spot (Hosts) with those looking for parking (Renters), think AirBnB for monthly parking. At Spacer, we are about utilising and sharing local resources to meet a need in the community. Our website makes it quick, easy and most importantly safe to park your vehicle and make money.

It is absolutely free to list! Spacer collects a small fee from Renters to support our service and tech team as well as to advertise your spot both online and offline. This fee appears as a markup on the price you set for your spot.

As a rough guide, a lock up garage on average will rent for about $200-$300 a month. The closer you are to public transport, amenities, shopping centres or hospitals, the more valuable your spot is. Check the price of other spots in your area and, to ensure a quick rental, make sure to price to the market.

Spacer advertises your spot both online and offline. We use paid search, social media, internet ads, emails, PR and other forms of marketing.

In the unlikely event of Renter issues, Spacer is available 6 days a week (Sunday to Friday) to help solve any issues. Plus, you never have to worry about following up payments. Our finance team will ensure you get paid each month, while your spot is being used.

Your spot, your rules. You can decline any request you do not deem suitable through the ‘decline’ button in your Spacer dashboard.

Payments are made into your nominated bank account within 5 business days of the booking start date. Your monthly earnings will then be deposited within 5 days of the monthly anniversary of each booking. We have partnered with Stripe to make sure you get your earnings securely and on time.

Of course. If circumstances change and you would like your spot back before your contract ends, please give at least 30 days notice to your Renter as a courtesy. This allows them to time to find an alternative.

We recommend that you consult with your accountant or tax advisor to understand your personal tax obligations, and any tax deductions that you may be eligible to claim.

Maximize Space, Minimize Waste.

Spacer is committed to sustainability.
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