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Monthly Parking in Seattle, WA

If you’re looking to save money on your monthly parking in Seattle, then we have the cheaper and more reliable long term solution available with Spacer. We help commuters find the best car park for the best price anywhere in Seattle. We have already helped thousands of people to save money on their monthly parking and long term parking costs by drawing together the people in Seattle who have parking to spare with the people who travel into Seattle and can’t find a reliable park. Spacer is the proven peer to peer network helping people just like you to put a little extra cash in their pocket by renting out their parking spots to the people who need dedicated parking they can rely on finding every time they need it, and at a great price.

Are you a regular commuter to Seattle or surrounding areas? Are you there for the amazing sights and on extended holiday? Do you have a regular appointment in Seattle and have trouble finding a reliable parking space every time you drive into the city? You’re not alone. While there are a range of dedicated parking companies who have regular spaces available, these are often expensive to use and not always located in the most convenient part of town. That’s where we can help.

While Seattle is known for being one of the wettest cities in the U.S., it’s certainly still one of the most vibrant. Located in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is the capital of Washington state and home to some of the best cultural hotspots the country has to offer. If you’ve never brought yourself to travel to the top of the Space Needle, then now is your chance. Book a tour of the city’s highlights and pre-book your parking spot in the center of it all with Spacer. Catch a Seattle Seahawks game while you’re in town and then head into any of the city’s state of the art museums or science centers.

For the regular city commuters who either work or study in Seattle, there’s nothing more frustrating than combing for available street parking or fighting in cheaper long term parking lots for the last spot. If you’re the sort of person who needs to leave an hour earlier to ensure you get a decent car space, then start looking forward to a sleep in because with Spacer you can arrange the best parking space ahead of time. We will help you locate the best parking options close to where you need them to be. These options come in a variety of types, from all kinds of hosts and providers. Parking spots on Spacer include covered parking from residential garages and carports, driveways that residents don’t need (or don’t need during business or school hours), as well as the cheapest parking garage rates in areas throughout Seattle and surrounding suburbs.

Want to know how to rent your parking space and make a bit of extra cash on the side? We can help.

How much does monthly parking cost in Seattle?

When you choose Spacer to book your next parking space, you stand to make considerable savings than if you choose a parking garage who charges by the hour. The secret to cheap monthly parking Seattle is in the commitment you make to your host. You’re able to access long term parking options for a fraction of the price of standard garages and other commercial parking providers. As a student travelling in for college, you’re already living on a pretty tight budget. Find a host on Spacer for a car space close to university and enjoy regular, cheaper cost for your monthly parking Seattle.

For anybody travelling out of Seattle by air, you’re going to want to ensure that you park as close to the airport as you possibly can. Everybody wants to be close to the airport. Which is why airport parking is so expensive. With Spacer, you can find a local resident who has an available long term parking space close to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport or King County International Airport, and then grab a quick, cheap cab ride from your pre-booked parking space direct to your terminal. When you fly in, simply jump into another cab for the short fare back to your car space, skipping the lines at the terminal and saving big on your parking costs. Find car storage near me now.

The Spacer online platform is easy to use, and we take care of all of the details. You can find parking anywhere in the United States including the big cities like Chicago and Washington DC, NYC to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Wherever you need cheap monthly parking, we have a host ready to rent you a space. If you want to rent my driveway and make some money on the side helping your fellow citizens not get burned on expensive monthly parking permits, get in touch with us. We’ll help you help others find monthly parking near me, rent your short term and long term parking spot and make some cash.

To book a space on Spacer, simply search for your city like ‘monthly parking Seattle’ or any other city including San Diego, Baltimore and Philadelphia. You’ll find a range of spaces available and the location of each space on our map. Once you have found the ideal spot, simply contact your host to ensure that all of the information you need is included in their description. Ensure you understand the terms of use for the spot and when it’s available. Your host will double check and confirm the details then accept your booking request. The Spacer platform includes safe and secure management of all payments for your monthly parking Seattle. 

Choose the savvy and affordable way to park in Seattle or find parking garages near me with Spacer. Find overnight parking near me and pay a flat rate for your regular parking and save money, time and frustration. Search for monthly parking Seattle now.

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