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Spacer is a secure online marketplace where you can rent out your driveway as monthly parking and make a little extra on the side for very little work at all. If you’re ready to ask your neighbours to ‘rent out my driveway’, give Spacer a try. By renting out your spot, you’ll be providing easy, reliable parking for someone in your area who really needs it.

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Rachel, Boston

Rachel, Boston

Andrew, New York City

Andrew, New York City

Margaret, Chicago

Margaret, Chicago

Everybody could do with a little extra cash and renting out your parking spot is one of the best and easiest ways to do exactly that. Spacer is a peer to peer online marketplace that facilitates easy and secure monthly parking arrangements where hosts can advertise their available parking options, like a spare driveway that you’re not using and reach commuters and travellers who need reliable and secure options for long term parking arrangements. Renters search for monthly parking near me and your listing will be come up, available for them to book.

It’s not just office workers who need reliable and regular parking options. Hospital staff, students and apartment owners who don’t have a designated space are looking for more affordable options. Traditional parking rates can be high, especially in popular cities across the United States like Los Angeles and San Francisco. You can’t always use the subway in NYC, particularly if you work shift hours. Washington DC hosts commuters and visitors from all over the country and while students in Chicago and Boston will need somewhere to park their vehicle. Whatever the reason, if you can rent out your driveway then you can both help a local and make some passive income.

Can I rent out my driveway?

I want to rent my driveway, how do I do it? When you’ve decided to list your space on Spacer, we’ll ask you for some general information about your unused parking and a few details to ensure that your listing will get answered by an eager renter looking for your space. Questions include what size is your space? Driveways should be a minimum size of 2.5m x 5m. How can your Renter access the space and how often? You can stipulate specific times that your space is available, for example between 7am and 7pm while you are at work. This is a popular option for quite a few of our Hosts who work normal office hours and park onsite. That means that their driveway is usually free throughout the working day. This is a perfect scenario for other commuters who work in the area you live, or for people who regularly travel into your neighbourhood.

Our most successful listings show photos of the space. As we are an online marketplace, renters are interested in seeing the kind of space on offer before they confirm a booking. To make it easier and faster for your parking spot to get snapped up, choose at least three photos that show what the space looks like and the kind of vehicle access it provides. It’s the same with dimensions. Particulalry for those with larger cars, uploading the specific dimensions is important and will ensure that a potential renter can make a quick and informed choice about your space, and they’re more likely to book it on the spot.

Any further details relating to your driveway is always welcome. More information ensures renters more informed and are more likely to book on the spot. This could include additional features such as CCTV, proximity to public transport, local amenities like shopping centres and airports, and general driveway access like whether it’s a steep slope, flat surface or a narrow entry.

Other options you can rent out include your garage or underground parking spot. Once you’re ready to upload your listing and start making some extra income, create your Spacer account. It’s free to list your parking spot and typically takes you less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

The host sets all of the rules of the space including accessibility and how they want to interact with renters. You can ensure that all communication takes places online, if that’s what you’d prefer. We also offer 7-day support both online and over the phone if you have any questions.

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