• Rachel (Renter), Boston
    Spacer made it easy to find an affordable parking spot near my apartment building.

    Rachel (Renter), Boston

  • Andrew (Renter), New York City
    Parking in NYC is stressful. I don’t have to worry because I have a secure, safe, clean parking spot with Spacer.

    Andrew (Renter), New York City

  • Margaret (Renter), Chicago
    Spacer allowed me to find a parking spot close to my apartment so I didn't have to park in the street.

    Margaret (Renter), Chicago

Benefits of booking with Spacer

Save Money by Leasing a car park, rent a car space

Save money

Rent monthly parking that you can afford and at the location you need.

Save time, by leasing a car park, renting your parking

Be on time

Be on time to the office instead of circling around streets.

No need to worry if you, rent a car park

Peace of mind

Your parking spot is reserved for you and you’ll no longer have to worry about parking tickets.

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Hear from our Renters
Rachel, Boston

Rachel, Boston

Andrew, New York City

Andrew, New York City

Margaret, Chicago

Margaret, Chicago

Finding parking near your work or apartment is a terrible experience. You circle the streets for hours and you’re always at risk of expensive parking tickets. This problem doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, so we decided to come up with a solution. Instead of building another parking garage, we figured we’d try something a bit different.

Spacer connects people who have a spare garage or car spot with individuals looking for affordable and convenient monthly parking. Our community is made up of thousands of local hosts who are helping their neighbors access the extra space that they need. You’ll find driveways, garages and local parking operators on our platform, and you can pick which ever car spot meets your needs. Originally founded, tested and proven in Australia, we’re hoping to help improve parking across America.

Trying to find convenient and affordable monthly parking can be difficult and time-consuming. When you do manage to find a spot, there’s often little flexibility, especially if you want a parking spot without having to commit to a long lease. You can easily spend several hours searching for ‘monthly parking near me,’ trying to compare options and prices. Plus, if you want the best deal, you will need to contact each parking garage directly to negotiate parking rates. It all sounds exhausting!

Whether you need parking for your daily commute, close to your home, or nearby the airport, with Spacer it’s a breeze to find a parking garage, driveway, or parking lot to suit your needs.

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