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  • Rachel (Renter), Boston
    Spacer made it easy to find an affordable parking spot near my apartment building.

    Rachel (Renter), Boston

  • Andrew (Renter), New York City
    Parking in NYC is stressful. I don’t have to worry because I have a secure, safe, clean parking spot with Spacer.

    Andrew (Renter), New York City

  • Margaret (Renter), Chicago
    Spacer allowed me to find a parking spot close to my apartment so I didn't have to park in the street.

    Margaret (Renter), Chicago

Reserve Monthly Parking in Portland

If you’re one of the 73% of Americans that drive on a daily basis, the task of finding parking near your home or office can take up a considerable amount of time—and patience! In populous cities like Portland, finding convenient parking is almost always a challenge. Rushing back to move your car because your meeting runs late or your shopping takes a little longer than expected can ruin your day. No wonder only 25% of Portland locals said they enjoy parking in a recent Spacer survey. If this all isn’t enough, the added stress of complicated car parks and elaborate booking processes can make somewhere safe and hassle-free to store you car long-term a real headache.

At Spacer, we’re on a mission to make this process simpler and more manageable for all Renters. Our platform allows you to find, book and reserve parking online - straight from your phone. This ranges from different options like driveways, carports and other undercover parking Portland Drivers can book for personal use, with many spaces suitable for those with large Pickup trucks and SUVs.

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6 monthly parking spots in Portland

Parking spot addressParking TypeMonthly Price
714 Northeast Hancock Street - OutsideMonthly$187.50
1130 SE Morrison St - Indoor lotMonthly$225.00
1221 NW Marshall Street - Indoor lotMonthly$260.00
1420 Northwest Lovejoy Street - GarageMonthly$250.00
1305 Northwest Davis Street - OutsideMonthly$345.00
850 NE Avenue - Outdoor lotMonthly$55.00

Find & compare secure, monthly parking anywhere in Portland

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Common FAQs about Parking in Portland, OR.

Who is Spacer?

Spacer is the easy solution to finding parking, providing you with 1000’s of parking options to book in Portland or across Oregon. You can find a space on our app or on our website from any device, and our friendly team is available 7 days a week to answer any of your questions. Our marketplace matches you with other locals from Portland who have space to spare - saving you money and unlocking thousands of spots around the city that otherwise wouldn’t have been available. You can expect to find different parking spots like:

  • Driveways, carports and unused garages for rent from local homeowners in the area
  • Small parking lots with empty spaces from small businesses or community groups
  • Discounted spaces at commercial car parks from traditional parking operators

If you need access to a space urgently, we recommend searching for driveways and carports which don’t require an access device to use.

Spacer Renters can browse available spots, message and chat with your Host to confirm a booking, pay for it in advance to secure it and then enjoy the luxury of simply driving in and using it when needed. Spacer guarantees you’ll have a parking space waiting for you when you arrive at your destination - taking the stress out of the parking experience.

How does Spacer work?

Getting started on Spacer takes just a few minutes. We start by helping helps Hosts list their unused space and connecting them with people looking for parking in their neighborhood. Drivers can then browse listings to find their ideal spot for long-term or monthly parking in Portland. You can filter parking spaces by your requirements and compare spots based on cost, size and amenities. Drivers place a booking request which the Host can accept or reject, usually within the first 24 hours. Once accepted, the Host will arrange access device handover, they will agree on a start date and the Driver can get parking in their perfect spot! We have thousands of options all over the country so you can find parking in Portland, parking in Vancouver, parking in Tigards, parking in Gresham and much much more.

How much is monthly parking in Portland?

There are some short-term on-street parking options around the area, but Monthly parking in Portland is particularly hard to find. The City of Portland has five garages downtown as part of the SmartPark program - Portland's public parking garage system. These primarily offer hourly or daily parking, but a few offer a limited number of monthly parking passes - namely at the 1st & Jefferson and the Naito & Davis garages. These passes range from $225 - $250 for monthly access but differ for each garage. For many, you may need to reach out directly for a personalised quote. If you work night shifts and need parking between the hours of 3 pm to 7 am they do offer a discounted rate, known as the ‘Swing Shift’, starting from $113/month.

Traditional Parking Operators offer limited monthly options around Old Town and Downtown Portland. While these require booking in advance, you’re not guaranteed a reserved spot and could have to circle the parking garage to find a spare space. Spacer has monthly parking options in and around Downtown Portland starting from just $59/month, pre-reserved just for you.

Parking costs in Detroit

Option Price Reservation
Council Parking From $225/month Unreserved
Traditional Options From $250/month Unreserved
Spacer From $175/month Reserved

For residents of Portland there is the opportunity to purchase an Area Parking Permit - an annual permit that allows you to park your car on-street past the set visitor time limits. However, these are only valid within predetermined Area Parking Permit zones around the city.

How much can I save using Spacer?

With Spacer, our Drivers report savings of up to 50% on their parking expenses. On top of this, you won’t need to worry about the potential of getting hit with hefty parking fees or fines.

I can’t find a space, what do I do?

Spacer regularly adds to our listings, as Hosts across the country continue to list their space. If your desired spot isn’t available just yet, let us know what you need by using our Waiting List feature and we’ll notify you when an appropriate spot becomes available. Otherwise, get in contact with us via phone, email or live chat. Our team is available 7 days a week and are always happy to help!

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