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Vehicle owners across the United States are searching for garage space for rent near me and we have a dedicated online network that does all of that searching for you. Spacer is home to a network of people across the US who have space to share like a garage space for rent near me. Our network spans the entire country from Boston to Boston and Washington DC. You’ll find affordable long term parking rates offered by both commercial garages as well as individuals who have some space they’re prepared to share.

The secret to the success of Spacer’s convenient and affordable monthly parking is in its online community. Anyone with long term car storage near me is able to put that space for rent on our network. It might be an outdoor parking space, or it could be monthly car parking in the heart of your local CBD, close to where you work or close to regular appointments you have in the city. If there are places to store a car safely and securely in your town or city then Spacer is the online network where you’ll find great rates on those parking spaces for your car.

What size storage do I need for a car?

Whether you’re looking for storage facilities where you can keep your vehicle safely parked or a daily parking space close to the office, like monthly parking near me, Spacer has the space for lease. We specialise in providing an online marketplace dedicated to individuals with all kinds of spaces for rent from long term storage to short term storage. This may be someone’s driveway or a private garage to rent that they aren’t using. Individuals can advertise to rent my driveway online and earn a little extra on the side. Anyone with a dedicated space in an apartment building parking lot, for example, is free to upload the details of that space to Spacer and find someone with a car who needs a more affordable alternative to commercial garage rental rates. Or, is simply looking for long term vehicle storage that they can pre-book, pay automatically through the Spacer platform and never have to think about. Spacer helps people who want to rent my parking space by earning them a few extra dollars every month.

When you search for garage space near me on the Spacer network, you’ll find a range of different long term vehicle storage options offered at affordable long term rates. The spaces are easy to find with clear map and grid references as well as the details of how large or small your parking spots are. If there’s not enough information in the description uploaded by the person who has a warehouse for rent or an auto garage near me then you can send them your queries directly through Spacer. They can let you know what that dimensions are on the space and what kind of daily access you have to your space.

Can a garage charge me storage?

If you’ve ever taken the traditional route for finding garage space near me then you’ll already know how frustrating it is to negotiate vehicle storage rates. Whether you’re looking for a garage to rent for winter car storage or for somewhere convenient for parking a car for a month, the process is tedious and time-consuming. You have to get in touch with the car garage near me, talk to them about what you need for your vehicle – size, accessibility to the parking space, etc – and then you usually have to negotiate for cheaper long term rates, haggling hard to get the best deal. Parking garages have had it all their own way for years, so they’re used to negotiating hard and usually getting the best rates for themselves. Spacer changes all of that. We have built a community for people with space to share it at great parking rates with the people who need reliable, secure and affordable parking.

If your car isn’t running at the moment and you’ve had it stored at an auto garage, then you could be looking at storage fees if you don’t switch to a more sustainable and affordable long term arrangement or overnight parking near me. Spacer has a range of both indoor car storage and outdoor car storage options that are quick and easy to book online right now. Simply search in the US city that you need your long term vehicle storage in and then scroll through your available options. Some of these options will be dedicated garages while others might be private carports, driveways or street parking options.

Confirm any details that you need to confirm via our app or website with the person who has the space you need available and then book it all instantly. We take care of managing the arrangement and the payment between yourself and the person you are renting your space from. Spacer arranges a securely monthly direct debit for your renting fees, so you don’t have to worry about making sure that you’re paying on time.

Spacer is the quick, simple and affordable way of finding garage space near me across the United States. Jump online now to start searching and book today.

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