Parking Garages Near Me

Instead of building more parking garages near me, we decided to create the Spacer network instead. Our online marketplace is dedicated to finding parking for the people who need it from among the thousands and thousands of long term parking options available across the United States. These parking options might be indoor parking garages for rent offered by people with a dedicated car space but who don’t use it. It could be people looking to rent my driveway online. They have a spare space that goes begging all day – maybe 24/7 or maybe just throughout the working week – and they want to share it. For anyone with a vehicle who needs to park in cities like Seattle or Washington DC, San Diego or NYC, you can search for a monthly parking garage near me made available by someone who doesn’t need it. The best bit? Spacer is able to offer some of the most affordable parking spots available anywhere in the country.

Using our network to find car storage is quick and simple. Simply start searching for parking in your chosen US city or town and then narrow down your closest options using our real time map and grid references. Parking options are clearly marked, down to the street number level, and the people who want you to rent my parking space include handy information like the dimensions of the space available and the kinds of accessibility you will have. This might mean that your space is available from a parking garage meaning that you have regular business hours access or it could be a completely private space like a carport or a dedicated street parking option that you’re free to come and go from any time that you like.

All aspects of your pay to park arrangement are clearly marked. You’re dealing with people when you use Spacer, not just commercial parking companies. This means that you can talk to the person who has made their overnight parking space available and confirm everything that you need in your parking arrangement. We take care of the rest, like automatically direct debiting your fees for monthly parking near me using our secure online platform. All you need to worry about is using your new parking space when you need. Spacer has already helped thousands of Americans from Los Angeles to Philadelphia find reliable and secure local parking at affordable long term rates.

If you’re planning to travel out of the country, then you have a few options to choose from when it comes to finding parking garages near me and long term garage space for rent. The most convenient location will be places like an airport parking lot or long term parking options close to where you’re travelling from. But because these are considered the most convenient parking options, they are usually the most expensive ones on offer as well. When you choose Spacer to engage in a private arrangement with someone who has either indoor or outdoor space available to share, you are getting the best rates in your parking currently available. For anyone who wants to be close to an airport, for example, you can use the Spacer online network to locate mobile parking options close to where you need them to be, like the local domestic or international airport.

You may be able to locate a private citizen who isn’t using their driveway or their own private garage and who is located just a short cab ride away from the airport. You can book your space online, letting the person who has the ideal car space for you know what your travel plans are and how long your vehicle will need to be parked securely. When it comes time to go, you drive your vehicle to your new space, lock it up and then jump in a cab for quick and cheap ride to the airport terminal. When you fly back in then you’re saving time trying to get to a terminal parking lot and then saving time on getting out of the terminal parking lot too. Instead, when you land and collect your bags you can head straight out to the taxi rank and hail a cab immediately. Take it to where you parked your car and then drive home. Quick, simple and affordable travel parking while you’re out of the state or out of the country.

Spacer also helps to narrow down your parking options to the most convenient and accessible ones for your needs. Some people need more space than others, or they may not be able to negotiate stairwells or other less accessible parking levels offered by commercial garages. Spacer helps you locate the most convenient parking option for your needs and your vehicle, helping you select not only the cheapest parking rates for your car that you need but also the most comfortable parking options. Choose spaces with things like improved mobility access or even unusual access hours like shift work parking spaces.

Whatever you need to park and wherever you need to park it, choose Spacer to find you the best rates on parking garages near me and save yourself time, hassle and money choosing the online network for parking spaces.

Benefits of booking with Spacer?

Spacer is the easiest way to save money on monthly parking.

  • Save money

    Rent monthly parking that you can afford and at the location you need.

  • Peace of mind

    Your parking spot is reserved for you and you’ll no longer have to worry about parking fines.

  • Be on time

    Be on time to the office instead of circling around streets.

  • 7 Day Support

    We offer support online and over the phone through every step of the process.

Maximize Space, Minimize Waste. Spacer is committed to sustainability.