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Monthly Parking in Magnificent Mile, IL

What is the one thing that can wreck a normal day in Magnificent Mile or Magnificent Mile? Whether it’s summer or winter and whether you’re in Magnificent Mile, New York or San Francisco, many U.S. drivers get faced with the frustrating challenge of looking for affordable parking near offices, stations or their homes. In summer, it can get hot circling the block looking for a covered parking near your workplace. And in winter you probably want street parking or a spot in a car park close to the office so you don’t have to suffer in the stormy weather. But, you probably know that most parking spots in Magnificent Mile come at high parking rates. If this describes your daily challenges, turn to Spacer for long term parking in Magnificent Mile that’s affordable and easily booked online.

Spacer is the modern-day solution to a modern-day problem. How it works is simple: Spacer joins hosts who have unused parking space and offers it as a long term monthly parking solution to drivers who need it. But people don’t just walk around with signs saying “rent my driveway” or “rent my parking space” because that’s Spacer’s job. If you need covered parking downtown near your place of work or access to a cheap car park near your friend’s place where you often visit, all you need to do is go online. Search “monthly parking near me”, scroll through the listings, find the options for as little as $46.63 per week and get in touch with the host. Unresponsive hosts aren’t an issue on Spacer because they earn up to $209 per month and value your business; you’ll have a reply within hours or even minutes.

All you need to do is browse on Spacer for available long term parking spots in the Magnificent Mile area. Compare them according to details: you may prefer a spot downtown or do you want remote access? Or is price the most important? You may find a Magnificent Mile listing costing around $6.65! Select according to your preferences and then simply send an online booking request. Magnificent Mile hosts will confirm and then you’ll be guided through a contract and payment system. We take care of the details, ensuring a stress free online service in all U.S. states.

Regularly updated parking spots are always becoming available, but you can also perform a check. Chicago monthly parking spots if you can look futher out of Magnificent Mile.

How much is monthly parking in Magnificent Mile?

Monthly parking in Magnificent Mile starts at around $150 to $500 per month.

Where is the cheapest monthly parking in Magnificent Mile?

Currently the cheapest parking spot is West Rice Street at $174 per month.

How to find cheap monthly parking in Magnificent Mile?

We have a filter system for finding the cheapest monthly parking options within walking distance, which can be found next to the search box at the top of the page.

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