Fancy Parking Spots and Why They’re so Unique

From luxury airport parking to automated parking towers, unique parking spaces are becoming the next big thing.  However, there’s one major thing to consider before pulling up to these posh spots: they usually come with a hefty price tag.

If you’ve ever wondered where the fanciest parking spaces are in the country, and how you might be able to see them in person, join us for a rundown of America’s most unique short term and monthly parking spaces.

In the world of luxury parking, valet is just the beginning

Back in the day, valet parking was the ultimate luxury parking option. There’s nothing more convenient than driving up to the front door of an establishment and handing over your keys to someone to avoid the hassle of parking.

And around the country, valet is still a popular option. Many airlines offer valet parking for first class customers so that you can simply drive up to your terminal and walk in. No need to worry about chauffeur service or flagging down a taxi – just drive up to the curb, where an airline representative will unload your bags and take care of your car for you for the best airport luxury parking experience. If you want to enjoy this fabulous parking system yourself, you’re going to have to splurge on a first class ticket.

But today, luxury parking goes far beyond availing valet services. Just take a look at Manhattan’s infamous $1 million parking spot, which went on the market in 2015. If you’re asking yourself why anyone would want to spend so much money on a single parking space, celebrities and the ultra rich will tell you – it’s for privacy!

So what makes it so secretive? This luxury parking space overcomes normal New York City parking rules limiting curb cutting so that the wealthy parking space owner can drive right into their luxury penthouse apartment without anyone seeing them. And, the parking space is apparently so spacious, that a second car can be added with a mechanical lift.

Of course, those particular parking spaces aren’t open to the public, so you’ll just have to trust us that they are really cutting-edge in luxury parking. And, if you’re more interested in the kind of luxury short term or monthly parking that is open and accessible to everyone, don’t worry. Luxury parking is within your reach, too.

We can’t all afford to buy a luxury parking space or pay for luxury airport parking, but there are some cool alternatives

If you’re looking for ways to enjoy luxury parking without the luxury price tag, there are other amazing places to explore.

One of the most exciting forms of luxury parking, for instance, has been the development of automated parking systems in the US. These high-tech, mechanical parking operations will make you feel like you’re in a sci-fi movie about the future. The fanciest ones include a parking bay fitted with sensors to measure the dimensions of your car.

Then, you exit the vehicle and allow the machine to do the work of transporting your car to its parking space. Not only are these parking systems impressive technologically, but when designed well, can provide drivers with the luxury of convenience. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of parking and the system can retrieve your car in under 2 minutes.

One of the most famous partially-automated parking structures in the US today is the Marina City Parking Garage in Chicago. These cylindrical parking towers may look futuristic, but they’ve actually been around since the 1960s. While the parking system isn’t fully automated – a valet driver takes an open elevator up to the floor where the car is parked and drives down, carefully – it is a wonder to see in person. More than 800 parking spaces are available to the public, and you can pay $20 for an hour.

And if automated parking systems are fascinating to you, you can read more about these interesting luxury parking systems and where to find them in our latest post, What’s the Deal with Automated Parking Systems?

It isn’t just automated parking garages that can give you access to luxury parking. For example, there’s 1111 Lincoln Road. This high-end parking garage in Miami, Florida was designed by the Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron, and is arguably one of the most beautiful and intriguing parking structures in the country.

The idea was to give Drivers more than just a parking garage, which is why 1111 Lincoln Road also houses offices, retail space, and some of the best open views of the beautiful beaches of Miami that you can find. Throughout the year, there are countless amazing events here, from fashion shows to luxury car exhibits to concerts and more. It’s less of a parking structure and more of a cultural hub for luxury parking.

Parking here is obviously a draw, so if you’re interested in taking advantage, they offer short term and monthly parking. But keep in mind that seaside parking real estate isn’t cheap. The parking structure charges a flat rate of $20 or higher during peak times. For monthly parking rates, they request Drivers to call them directly.

Amazingly, Miami is home to not one, but two luxury parking garages. The Faena Park is another architect’s dream in the world of luxury parking and has been around since 2016. It looks more like an art museum than a parking structure, which makes sense, given that it’s right next to the well-known event venue — the Faena Forum.

With angled windows and an exposed glass elevator shaft, passersby on the street might not recognize it as a monthly parking garage at all. Unfortunately, this luxury parking garage is not open to the public, although you might be able to snag tickets to cultural events at the Forum to get a closer look.

Other interesting parking structures

When it comes to fancy and interesting parking spaces, it’s not all about the luxury. All over the country, there are parking garages with just as much ‘wow factor’ as the expensive luxury spots.

Take the Sinking Ship garage in Seattle, for instance. It’s a triangular parking garage located in downtown Seattle and its downward slope gives it the effect of — you guessed it — a sinking ship. The parking garage was built in 1961 by partners Mandeville and Berge, and has been voted the coolest place to park in the US.

Another amazing parking marvel is the Michigan Theater parking garage in Detroit. And no, it’s not the parking garage for the Michigan Theater — it is the Michigan Theater, or at least, it was. Parking here is like going back in time — the building hasn’t really been updated since it was built in 1926. In fact, the interior has largely decayed after being passed through so many owners.

For a period of time, it was even used as a punk rock concert hall, where hardcore fans could rock out while surrounded by Italian Renaissance style architecture. And if you’ve ever seen the popular movie, 8 Mile, starring Eminem, you might have noticed this interesting setting in one of the scenes.

Which luxury parking space will you choose?

Clearly, there are plenty of interesting and luxury parking options to choose from across the country. Will you opt for the historical parking garages? The most high tech? Or will you go with the top-of-the-line first class luxury airport parking valet?

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