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Monthly Parking in Historic South-Central, CA

Where do you drive most often when in the Los Angeles areas around Historic South Central? Are you near the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall or Washington Boulevard to catch the Metro Blue Line? Some drivers need to go to downtown LA or spend a lot of time each week on the Harbor Freeway. And of course, weekend may find you at the Martin Luther King Jr Mini Park or Gilbert Lindsay Community Center.

Wherever you drive in this suburb, you're probably looking for safe and affordable parking Historic South Central has available. More often than not you'll need to settle for street parking when you're after covered parking, or you end up walking a great distance from your car to your destination if all the parking spots in the parking garage near your office are filled. And let's not get started on the high costs of parking!

Sound familiar? Well, Spacer wants to change the status quo and help you solve the issue of parking Historic South Central has been battling for too long.

Keep reading and you could have your answer in under 10 minutes.

An App and an Online Marketplace to the Rescue

Your solution to finding cheap parking Historic South Central has available is much easier than you think. All over town in LA, New York, San Francisco and elsewhere in the U.S, there are locals that have loads of space they're not fully utilizing:

  • A carport or driveway at theirhome that is empty during the day

  • Parking lots on business premises where not all parking spots are in use

  • Someone's garden that's big enough for a car or even an SUV; and it may be close to your office or home

  • A homeowner's garage that's been empty for years

Spacer recognized this helpful resource to help drivers find parking Historic South Central based. In three easy steps we solved the issue of parking Historic South Central locals are fed up with:

  • We allow homeowners and businesses to list their available spaces on Spacer's online marketplace. It's free to add a new listing, so new hosts join the community all the time, asking you to now ‘rent my parking space'.

  • Drivers can browse via their PCs or our user-friendly app to find a practical and affordable parking Historic South Central locals are advertising.

  • Spacer helps hosts and drivers to communicate, finalize contracts and handle payments to ensure a streamlined experience for all.

See? Finding affordable parking Los Angeles drivers can use is simple!

Is this the resource you've been hoping for?

Who Does Spacer Work for?

When you use Spacer to find parking Historic South Central has for you, you're using a tried and tested method. Drivers in Australia already enjoyed the many benefits and now the tools are in the United States too. You simply need to start using them.

Spacer's the easiest way to answer the common need of, finding ‘ monthly parking near me'. It can work for almost anyone who drives around in LA, but here are a few groups of people who usually adore the app as soon as they try it.


Whether you work in downtown LA, fashionable Hollywood or in South Park, Los Angeles professionals know that finding parking at affordable rates is difficult. That is, if you even find an available space near your office. More often than not you're left circling the block to look for an open spot and by that time your first meeting has already started.

The alternative is to use Spacer, reserve monthly parking privileges in a driveway, someone's personal garage or a parking garage and drive there each morning with peace of mind. You'll be on time, you'll feel less stressed and your car will be safe.

See why so many are loving Spacer?


The other reason why Spacer is much loved is because of the cost. If you're looking for a long term parking option for your car near your home, you can't afford ridiculously high rates. Rather opt for a spot you find on Spacer, because our rates stay low. This is because we don't charge our hosts any advertising fees and we help them determine the best rate to charge that ensures a profit but doesn't scare away potential renters.

And if you're the lucky one who can say ‘rent my driveway', why not earn a few extra dollars each month? Become one of our hosts!


If you have a child going to Thomas Jefferson Senior High School or John Adams Middle School, you'll need parking Historic South Central hosts can offer you. What about someone's driveway just around the corner from the school? That's much better than wasting time looking for parking outside the school or walking far for a meeting with a teacher.


Living in Historic South Central you may attend classes at USC. On a student's budget you can't afford high parking rates and you don't want to be late for class because you parked far away. Rather look for a cheaper spot, close to campus and enjoy the benefits to your budget and your schedule.

Join Spacer Today!

For these groups as well as tourists and many other drivers, it makes sense to use Spacer. It's modern, it works and there's no reason why you should waste time looking for parking any longer.

Spacer's all you need.

Spacer’s Money-back Guarantee

If the space’s size, location or description doesn’t match what you paid for, we’ll give you your money back. No hassles!

Got a driveway, garage, or parking spot available to rent?

Did you know you can earn money by leasing your empty parking spot or garage? We are always welcoming new hosts who want to make a little extra money! There is no obligation, and it is quick and easy to list your spot with us here at spacer.

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