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Monthly Parking in Wedgwood, WA

With more U.S citizens owning cars than ever before, it’s no wonder that a challenging parking situation is felt by vehicle owners all across these United States of America. No matter who you are or whether you live in Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC or Chicago, you are entitled to affordable monthly parking. In Wedgwood it should only cost you around $224.16 per month. Is the solution to spend millions of dollars developing new parking lots in Wedgwood? Or expand our streets even more to accommodate more street parking spots in View Ridge? Or drain our natural resources even more to do either of the above in Wedgwood? No, none of the above is the solution. Spacer is.

The Spacer solution started when we realized that there are Wedgwood locals that have multiple parking spots that they’re not using. As a host you can advertise this available parking garage, garden or driveway and earn $184 per month while helping out the Spacer renters. Renters are drivers who need affordable long term parking but they don’t want to pay the high parking rates many commercial parking garages charge. Spacer also showcases available car park options in the Wedgwood area so you can make an informed decision when picking the best monthly parking for your budget and preferences.

Now, how do you start? It only requires a quick browse for a Wedgwood renter to find a list of available parking spots that hosts are advertising. Compare the available parking rates and security features to get exactly what you require in downtown Wedgwood or elsewhere in the Wedgwood area. With the range of monthly parking available in Wedgwood there’s sure to be something that suits your financial situation and preferences. Some are as cheap as $44.88 per week, making it easier to manage your monthly parking budget. And Spacer assists with contracts, payment processes and more. It’s time for tech to make Wedgwood life even easier! Join Spacer and enjoy the results.

Monthly Parking FAQs

How much is monthly parking in Wedgwood?

Monthly parking in Wedgwood starts at around $120 to $522 per month.

Where is the cheapest monthly parking in Wedgwood?

Currently the cheapest parking spot is Brooklyn Ave NE University District at $120 per month.

How to find cheap monthly parking in Wedgwood?

We have a filter system for finding the cheapest monthly parking options within walking distance, which can be found next to the search box at the top of the page. Still looking for parking and willing to look further afield? Then you can check out some of our seattle monthly parking spots in and around Washington towns and suburbs which have a wide selection of parking space to choose from, with more than just those in the Wedgwood.

Spacer’s Money-back Guarantee

If the space’s size, location or description doesn’t match what you paid for, we’ll give you your money back. No hassles!

Got a driveway, garage, or parking spot available to rent?

Did you know you can earn money by leasing your empty parking spot or garage? We are always welcoming new hosts who want to make a little extra money! There is no obligation, and it is quick and easy to list your spot with us here at spacer.

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